Friday, March 4, 2016

Dear #AnkhNigga (& Others): The Case for Voting

Dear Non-Conformist, Anti-Everything Activist, and #AnkhNigga,

I know, I know. I should not use such an offensive term as “#AnkhNigga” to describe you, but the point is to BE offensive, so that you’ll stop your stupid ankhin’ ways. Drop the misogyny and homophobia and I’ll drop the term…but for now, since I have a lot to say to a lot of people, and typing the word makes even me cringe, I’ll just call you the more mild term for your BS persona: Hotep.
2016 is going to be a rollercoaster of an election year, and it is going to end in an explosion in November.  I would hope that “explosion” is a figurative term for the joy some will feel, but I know that on the other side, it will be a figurative term for angrections™, and a literal term for people who WILL actually blow things up. Both are inevitable, but on which side of the blast is up to you, and you can control that by doing something very easy:
“But the system is broken and corrupt! What’s the point?”
Show me a system of government developed by humans, and I will show you a system that has corruption. Not voting perpetuates the corruption by allowing the people in office to take whatever measures they can to KEEP the system corrupt. The US was born in hypocrisy. The Founding Fathers who preached about the inherent personal liberty of everyone, all while they owned people and would not let women have any personal liberty. It is a lot more difficult to change a regime from the outside than from within. That is why China built a giant wall…and their dynasty was still overturned, by way of their own citizens. Hitler worked INSIDE the government to create his personal hellscape, not remotely from Austria. We invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to “change the regime”, and look at how that turned out. France didn’t force us to ratify the 13th, 14th, and 19th Amendments. We voted in legislators who drafted and passed them…Mississippi was a little late. We have eons of work to do still.
Do you know what else is corrupt? Our Judicial system. Back in Post-Civil War, Jim Crow South, black men and women would be arrested, and sometimes within minutes, they would be convicted of a crime by an all-white jury, whether there was a crime or not. We are promised a jury of our peers. Do you know how most court districts choose their jury duty rosters? They use voter registration! Do you think it was a mistake that no black jurors were around, that black votes were suppressed so much? Dear Hotep, have livid about a black person is convicted by an all-white jury based on shaky evidence? Have you been angry about a person who harmed or killed a black person who was exonerated by an all-white jury? Then you should understand how important it is to vote. An all-white jury acquitted Emmett Till’s murderers in an hour. The police in the Rodney King trial were exonerated by an all-white jury. Jordan Davis’s murderer’s first trial, a hung jury, was mostly white. Just in February 2016, Donald Williams, Jr had to watch his attackers not be convicted of hate crimes by a jury of all white people. Donald Williams, Jr was attacked by three white students who latched a bike lock around his neck and tried to lock him in a closet, all while taunting him by calling him 3/5 of a person. I highly doubt that a more diverse jury pool would have the same result. In other aspects of life, diversity sews accord and understanding. Why not in the courtroom? So it is great that you protest outside the courthouse when that unsavory verdict comes out. It is a travesty of true justice. All the work you did to organize is not for naught, But you could have done something more, though. Put down that ankh for a minute, Hotep. Pick up a pen, and fill out that registration form.
“But none of the candidates are really speaking on the issue(s) about which I care!”
Here are two questions: Have you ASKED that candidate about the issue, or at least researched to see their stance? Are you really that myopic? The candidates running for office are doing it (theoretically) in service to everyone, not to only you. No one knew any candidates’ stances on the #BlackLivesMatter movement until someone confronted them. The way they responded to the confrontations speaks volumes about their commitment to the citizens and residents they might serve. There will never be a candidate who ticks every check box you want. The only potential candidate who can do that is you, so if you are not running for office, then you cannot fault another person for not having every quality you want. Perfect matches only exist in discount pulp novels and romantic comedies starring Ryan Gosling. This is the US government. There is nothing Ryan Goslingy about it.
“But I’m just one vote. It won’t even count!”
Take 20 people who feel that way, put them in one room, and have them say that simultaneously. It literally speaks volumes! Every vote counts. Just because whichever person for which you voted did not win does not mean it didn’t “count”. The outcome data showing what percentage voted for whom belies your claim, so save that sentence for someone who cares.
“If _______ doesn’t win the primary, then I’m not voting again/voting for the polar opposite.”
Be sure to abstain from voting, after I pick you up from pre-school. This train of thought is as inane and immature as the, “my vote won’t count”, diatribe. Abstinence from voting means you have no reason to complain about any policy that is made, any measure that is taken, and any action that is taken by our government, because you did not do your base duty. If I don’t say what I want for dinner when someone asks me, and then dinner is liverwurst, then I can’t really complain, because I had the option to choose something different, and I did not take it. I’m a little bit confused about someone who would vote for the polar opposite of whatever their first choice is, but at least you voted. However, again, you cannot complain when that person who is the antithesis of who you want as a candidate does things of which you are completely aberrant, because YOU VOTED FOR THEM.
Look, I know that the candidate that you like looks good on paper, but trust, they are going to be different in office. In the case of the President, the only people who think that they have the ability to run an entire country are INCREDIBLY arrogant, for better or worse. When your candidate wins, you WILL be disappointed. They WILL break a promise or two. They WILL drop the ball on something that you hold important. That is still not an excuse to abstain from voting. That is a reason to keep your voice heard and to vote them out if they mess up royally.
“But it’s an off-year! Nothing important is on the ballot!” [For anyone who reads this on a non-leap-year]
Tell that to the residents of Houston, who had a ballot measure that would have block discrimination against trans people in public places, but it was voted down because PEOPLE WHO WERE FOR IT DID NOT VOTE. This is a PRIME example of how people should not complain when they get liverwurst for dinner after they didn’t speak up, except this affects people’s lives and safety! A lack of vote is a vote for the other side.
If you claim to be an activist beyond just the armchair variety, then get your ass out of the chair, and go vote. Get the forms, ID, horcrux, or whatever you need in your state to register, and do it. And VOTE. It may be difficult to do in some regions, but it is still the simplest form of activism that you can do, but it is so important. People created “poll taxes” in order to black people from voting. They would rough them up and sit in the ballot booth to force them to vote a certain way. They would give them a grammar test in Chinese to discourage them from voting. They would KILL people. Women were ostracized, slut-shamed, slandered, and beaten when they fought for the vote. Why do you think certain legislators keep re-drawing districts and making it even more difficult for certain people to register to vote? How many times has anyone in the US blocked people from doing something inconsequential? Has anyone been put through a gauntlet of impossible tests, tortured, hanged, shot, stabbed, burned alive, or fire bombed because they wanted to take up crotchet? Because at least half of some of my ancestors (and I wager some of yours) have. They fought tooth and nail to gain the right to vote. By you saying you will not, you not only throw away the easiest way to be active, you spit on all of the freedom fighters’ graves who you claim that you exalt. Don’t vote: don’t talk to me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Crocodile tears. #Shade
A few weeks ago, bonafide example of a police officer who abused his power being brought to justice has been circulating. Daniel Holtzclaw of Oklahoma PD was sentenced to 263 years for the serial rape of 13 women in his jurisdiction, including an underage girl. There is no murkiness here. This story is a clean-cut story of police corruption: there was no question of what the victims were wearing, if they had what could be mistaken for a weapon, whether they were charging at him or not. He targeted women who were poor, black and had minor drug offenses in his area. You’d think that this story would be all over in the media with a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag following it. Sadly, no. Most of the people writing and circulating this story are women.

Another story being disseminated mostly by women is the story of NeShante Davis and her daughter, Chloe Davis-Green (2 years old), were murdered, and Ms. Davis’s ex is being charged. The main motive was a paternity suit and child support, but as with every other case of violence against women, the money is just the tip of the iceberg. How many women live in fear of their own spouses? How many are afraid to give a flat out “no” to a man’s advances at a bar, because they know that some men will become lethally violent at a hint of rejection? Since violence against a woman BECAUSE she is a woman happens every few minutes, all women who are worried have every right to be.

There are a few reports on the main news sites regarding these stories, but nothing front page, as unfortunately expected. Mostly black women, not men, in the #BlackLivesMatter circle tweeting, posting, and writing about these cases. Did we forget that black women are lives that matter, too? Acknowledging this does not diminish the movement.  It emboldens it.

The Holtzclaw case made it the courts, and justice was served. Men and women in and out of law enforcement should rejoice that someone abusing his power was put away. The Davis case is entering court soon. Hopefully, it will be followed, but seeing that this type of violence happens every day, I am not going to hold my breath. If you are a black man and ever used #BlackLivesMatter and have not talked about these stories or the overall issue, then stop calling yourself a man.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Jaden Smith and Your Fragile Manhood

I thought it was another internet prank when people said that Jaden Smith, son of Will SMith and Jada Pinkett, was the new face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 women’s collection. That is until I actually went to Louis Vuitton’s site. He is definitely on LV’s payroll. THere is even a 60-second short film, complete with a crew of pale, skinny white girls, wisping away in the sunny Florida breeze. They should really be careful. As tiny as they are, they may dissolve in the humidity or get blown away in a gust.
But there is young Mr. Smith, in the middle of his own gang of pale wood sprites, rocking a skirt and what looks like a wool mesh tank top. Well, I say, good for you, Jaden. Get that bank. You are a...unique...child.
My sentiments are not shared by everyone, though. The reaction to this news was everything from the near-worshipful praise to the visceral warning Homosexual Agenda’s™ march toward of the End of Days.
One article on Huffington Post claimed that this is a new corner to turn in the journey of the #CareFreeBlackBoy, which I didn’t know was a thing. However, Zeba Gray, the author of the article thinks that Jaden’s new career move, plus the adventures of black male bloggers like Brandon Stanciell and James Phlemuns, will usher in a new definition of the black men and black masculinity.
...I don’t think I’d go that far...But again, let them be them. They are doing things that are unconventional, but they are not going to redefine black masculinity, because contrary to 1980s casting lists, there is a myriad of different black people, just like white people.
On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are so adamantly against this “affront” to their eyes that they promise to murder their own children if they so much as wear a pink sock, let alone an entire dress. The standard Ankh Nigga response is that Jaden Smith, and any straight black man who wears a dress or a fuzzy coat or whatever the hell is succumbing to yet another genocidal plot by our old nemesis, The White Man™. The Ankh Nigga claims that blah blah blah plot to poison our children blah blah yadda yadda make masculinity a bad thing, blah blah blah thereby diminishing our numbers by making us gay, blah blah blah, non-reproduction, “homosexual agenda”, no more black people, The White Man™ wins.
Oh Ankh Nigga, how I miss your incredibly unfocused and head-poundingly stupid misogyny and homophobia. Perhaps I miss you, because I used to be you, but then I used the mind you keep telling others to open.
The truth is that The White Man™ and his cousin, The Homosexual Agenda™ don’t give a shit about us. The White Man™ is too busy siphoning oil from the Middle East and scapegoating Muslims and poisoning poor people and administering policies that have already been in place for years (because they sadly won most of the wars), and The Homosexual Agenda™ wants exactly what black people and women want: to be treated equally as a human being. Put the Ankh down, Ankh Nigga. Stop Ankhin’.
Both arguments revolve around a prevailing entity: Black Masculinity, specifically the American flavor of black masculinity. It’s a special version, but how have we come to evoke this masculinity-on-steroids version of masculinity? What would propel us to be violently averse to any challenge to our perceived manhood, and would make people be intimidated by us, even when we’re just standing around? Mainly, how much of our augmented masculinity is thanks to the effects of the trans-Atlantic slave trade?
Some of the practices of Western hemisphere slavery are brutal beyond belief. Sadly, they happened. The Middle Passage was only one aspect of the conditions of slaves in the Western Hemisphere. People think that being packed like corpses in a ship for months was the worst of it. Even more horrors awaited Africans in the “seasoning” process. Seasoning was how slave owners would “break” their captives, much like the way people speak of “breaking” a wild horse when trying to domesticate it. The difference is that the atrocities done to captured Africans were never enacted on any horse. Men were castrated and had limbs cut off as punishment, in front of everyone, to make an example of them. Some were hanged for minor offenses and left to rot, hanging from trees. Women were repeatedly used as sex objects. Their children were taken away from them, and they were beaten brutally if they cried about it. Black infants were literally used as bait to hunt alligators. Many slaves were branded with red hot irons. With the exception of the branding and the separating of families, no animal would be treated this way in order to ensure the other animals on the farm would stay in line. As much as we like to say that people who did this were of their time, anyone who could do these things to another person without flinching is some sort of sadist. If I believed in hell, I would expect that every overseer and gator hunter is wallowing in the 7th RIng.
In the midst of all of this, black men and women were commonly called bucks and does. Strong field hands were often made to “mate” like bulls to produce more virile progeny. It is a strange case, where the women involved were being sexually assaulted, but the men who were forced to do it lest they be beaten or killed, so they were technically being sexually assaulted as well. Though true that some body types are hereditary, most of the reason that black field hands were so strong was that they had to work or die. Women in society were already not really considered or treated well, so a slave woman was even worse off. Masters had their way with whomever they wanted, and they were “bred” just like the men were. Women were the ones who had to carry the children, wanted or not, to term, only to have them taken away at birth for any reason the masters wished.
Now in modern times, we black men are in an environment where we are seen as slower, dumber, but more physically able to hurt people, and we have some inability to control our carnal urges. Black masculinity seems to always be a hyper-augmented version of the “masculine persona”. We feed into it, in our music, in our chosen religions, in the violence we inflict upon each other. Black masculinity has revolved around violence and being averse to anything that might hint at an emotion, because the augmentation was born in violence. A man can only emote anger to be considered a REAL man. Humor is…okay…but then you’re just a clown. Lord forbid you shed a tear, though. There is a lot of putting down others wrapped in this masculinity, usually anything deemed feminine, so there is a deep seated disdain for women in there. Any slight divergence from this persona means that a black man is either gay or not REALLY black.
Black people, and especially black men, are prescribed fewer painkillers when diagnosed with the same levels of pain as their white counterparts. How much of that is the residual misconception that we feel less pain since we were partially beasts of burden? People are more afraid of us. We’re more virile than other ethnicities. Many of the lynching victims over the years were tortured and hanged to avenge the honor of innocent white women that they had allegedly accosted with their uncontrollable, subhuman libido. Emmitt Till didn’t even touch a woman. He supposedly just whistled. In other cases, the “innocent white victim” never existed. Birth of a Nation solidified this idea, and it plays out up to today. “Once you go black…” is both a phrase of braggadocio and an ominous threat. If you look at any of the reports of unarmed black men, women, boys, and girls in the last five years, be they law enforcement or chubby assholes who were “standing their ground”, They all said that that they felt intimidated by them due merely because of their victims’ dress or stance. Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie on a cold night. Darren Wilson said that Mike Brown had “Superman strength”. Troy Davis’s murderer claimed he felt threatened, and continued to posit that Davis and his friends were likely going to do something bad had he not shot them. He called himself a hero. They were sitting in a car. Renesha McBride was knocking on a door to get help when she got shot. Sandra Bland was taken into custody because she was mad about being stopped, and she voiced it. Meanwhile, white men with assault rifles strapped to their bodies roam Texas without anyone raising an eyebrow.
A teenage boy wearing a dress is not a threat to the black community. Aversion to him is a distraction to the real threats to the black community. Rick Snyder never wore a dress (in public), and he helped to poison an entire city under his care. George Zimmerman wore pants. None of the state legislators who helped pass laws that effectively disenfranchised thousands of people in Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. donned women’s wear. All of these things were done by men in pants. Also, they are men who simultaneously worked to keep rights away from the very homosexual people and trans people that you claim are “taking away” your masculinity. They are still legislating to keep women from having control over their own bodies. It would make sense that you seek allies in people attacked by the same adversary.

If you are a black man, you should examine exactly what it is to be masculine, and if it is dependent on homophobic tropes. There is nothing wrong with masculinity and bravado, but we should also know that it has been defined and redefined throughout human history. Men cried in ancient Greece, Rome, and even in what is now Uganda and Nigeria. They had homosexual partnerships, and it did not take away from their manhood or ability to be warriors. Today, modern black masculinity is ok, but only if it does not involve making us less than human or waging social war on others to edify it.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

#FlintWaterCrisis and #BlackLivesMatter

I really cannot decide which is more infuriating: that no one has been charged with criminal negligence in the #FlintWaterCrisis, or that the effects of lead poisoning are the same negative stereotypes foisted on poor and black people? Lead poisoning affects a person’s developmental skills, especially in children. People poisoned by lead are less likely to be able to handle complex problem solving necessary in school. They do not handle emotions as well. They do not mature. They are more likely to lash out in violence, so their penchant for criminality is higher. There are over 100,000 residents in Flint, 9,000 of them are children. It is a majority black, poor, and working class. In 10 years, when those children are getting lower test scores in school and being relegated to special ed classes by administrators who just don’t want to deal with their behavior issues, I’m-not-racist-but racists and I’m-better-than-you racists, and basically every person on a couch at Fox News, will point to Flint to justify their prejudices and veiled bigoted views, not acknowledging that half a decade earlier the entire city was poisoned.

This all could have been avoided when researchers warned in 2011 a Snyder-appointed financial manager that changing the water supply to Flint River water would require a $100/day water treatment to prevent corrosion and lead poisoning. But his assignment was to cut the budget “at any cost”, so the only colored people he cared about were the little green dead presidents. In 2014, Flint River water was used without anti-corrosion agents. Even when the water was coming out smelly and brown, Flint officials ignored the residents and claimed it was fine. Even when Detroit offered to reconnect to their system, Flint officials declined and continued to charge their residents for contaminated water. Even when the EPA, VA Tech, and a local pediatrician said that the water was too highly lead-poisoned to consume, officials all the way up to the governor’s office dismissed the reports. that is four times that officials actively ignored the welfare of Flint citizens in order to save a little bit of money.

This is why there’s a #BlackLivesMatter movement. It was never about saying only black people matter, as many would have you think. It is a reminder that black lives are here too, and dismissing their concerns lead to things like this. You wonder why people are in the streets blocking traffic holding #BlackLivesMatter signs. Cases like Flint are why. Whenever someone recalls atrocities like the Tuskegee Experiment and redlining neighborhoods, people say, “That was another time, and it’s over, so get over it!” Thanks to hyper-edited history books, though, These things are no longer learned in school, though, and as we can see in Flint, history WILL repeat itself. Slavery is being edited out of textbooks now. Black history matters, because it is American history. Our ancestors came here and built this country just as much as white people’s ancestors did, albeit ours was primarily an involuntary migration. Our story needs to be heard, as it is still everyone’s story. I seldom hear people who bring up the Holocaust or  9/11 being told to “get over it”. We discuss these topics openly and acknowledge their horror. The second someone talks about their Freedom Rider grandparents, though, they are admonished for bringing up dark times. Those dark times are OUR times. We all grew from something, including the bad parts. Ignoring the badness doesn’t make you better. It makes you repeat it again and again. Stop trying to diminish something just because it makes you feel icky. There is no excuse for another Tuskegee or Flint to happen in the 21st Century.

Flint is one of many cities affected drastically by the auto industry collapse. While all this water crisis happening, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, cities of similar class with proportionally inverse population of people with melanin, are ranked high in economic growth and investment after their prime industry was gutted. Flint will continue to be poor, because they are still paying for poisoned water. The people of Dearborn are sending water to Flint out of the kindness of their hearts, something they should never have had to do. Dearborn, MI has a high Muslim population, you know, that group that a certain presidential candidate thinks should not be allowed in the country. He hasn’t sent any aid to Michigan, though, not that it is his job, but if he becomes president, it will be.

We should all be mad about the water crisis, not because the Flint residents are poor and black and have been ignored, but because the people of Flint are residents of Michigan, which is in the United States, and their state actively slowly killed citizens and residents to save money. When a state can poison its citizens and ignore their concerns for the sake of saving a little bit of money and not go to jail for it, yet armed militants can walk into a federal building and hold it hostage, vandalizing people’s hard-sought research with no law enforcement intervention, there is a problem, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. But, like the Flint water problem, continuing to ignore the social problem will just make it grow larger; don’t act surprised when it is in your face.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Definition of an Ankh Nigga

You are young, black, and you want to be successful in the world. You also see a lot of obstacles, and you want to overcome them, be a productive part of your community, and help uplift those after you, but you do NOT want to compromise your identity, your community’s identity. You don’t want to simply assimilate into mainstream society as if you’re a male angler fish attached to a female, melting away into the shiny, toothy beast that is American Society. You make it a point to be “woke”, to not just be complacent about BS you see in the world, to call it out, and to speak to it, all while trying to be an example to others to be a good man. Do all of that. You’ll make yourself and everyone around you proud. Just don’t become an Ankh Nigga.
I have been using the term “Ankh Nigga/Negro” a lot lately. White friends, you’re probably asking right now, “What is an ‘ankh n-word’? Can I say it using the real word and not ‘n-word’?” I will be happy to tell you, and hell no. You know exactly why. In fact, I just assume that your eyes can’t even see the word, that you automatically scan a page and see “n-word”, like some sort of race Predator vision.
I was going to explain what an Ankh Nigga is to the tune of Tupac Shakur’s “Definition of a Thug Nigga”, but given the subject matter, I thought it not appropriate to define to the tune of someone who was convicted of sexual assault.
An Ankh Nigga can easily be mistaken for a Conscious Brother. A Conscious Brother is a black man who studies up on more than just what they learn in school, who strive to enlighten their fellow black colleagues, who go out into the world and remind everyone of the greatness of black American culture, whether it be through activism, art, writing, or what-have-you. Ankh Niggas claim to do all this, and sometimes they actually do a few of these things, but at the same time think that their “enlightenment” and fight for their people includes disseminating false information that is easily researchable, defending absolutely everyone black man under public scrutiny (except for  Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas) by way of conspiracy theories and rumor, and exalting black woman and putting them on pedestals as if they were fine China (they’d call it “fine Africa”) while at the same time being hyper-judgemental of their every move. If they don’t fit a narrow, civil rights saintly image, complete with afro halo, the Ankh Nigga will deem them trash. Ankh Niggas’ “Consciousness” is often at the expense of putting down everyone who is not a black heterosexual man, to include black women who don’t wear their hair naturally, homosexual and transexual people of color, and of course, The White Man™. It is as if they would be conscious, were it not for their abject misogyny, homophobia, and ultra-masculine heteronormativity.
Ankh Niggas are called this because of their penchant to be obsessed with Egyptian history and lore. There is an ankh somewhere on their body. A Conscious Brother might rock an Ankh, but he at least knows the many meanings of it, and he knows that the symbol was found in cultures as far as Mesopotamia and Persia. An Ankh Nigga will talk a big game about Africa, but his mental map of Africa is Egypt, and the Rest of It. A Conscious Brother can likely list off at least 45 of the 54 countries of Africa, and can likely tell you which of those countries has had a woman as head of state at least once. Ankh Niggas will throw out a few random Swahili terms, but likely knows little to nothing of Igbo, Yoruba, Congo, Fulani, or any other native African tongue that African American ancestors likely spoke. A Conscious Brother may not know many of these languages, but he can at least tell you from whence in Africa they came, beyond just The Rest of It. Ankh Niggas also have a few African masks in their houses, but on further inspection, you realize they got them from the deep jungles of Pier One Imports. Conscious Brothers may not have any African masks in his house, because depending on where he lives, the only way to acquire an authentic one would be to go through a dealer who may or may not have appropriated them fairly, and he does not want to participate in the black market that siphons away important pieces of culture to indigenous groups without knowing that it is explicitly consented by said group. Ankh Nigga’s kinte cloth may have a pattern like “Made in China” on it, but the Conscious Brother will order direct from Ivory Coast. Ankh Niggas and Conscious Brothers are the Goofus and Gallant of black activists.
Conscious Brothers look at a point in history and question the pristine view that usually prevails in history books. For example, a Conscious Brother might point out that Andrew Beard was a black engineer in 1897 who invented two significant improvements to the modern Janney Coupler for train cars. This made rail transportation safer and has been put into play for years to come. An Ankh Nigga may tell you that, but he will more than likely tell you that the wrench was invented by Joe Jackson while in prison, and they call it a “monkey wrench”, because The White Man™ wanted to insult the black inventor. First of all, it was Jack Johnson who invented a wrench while incarcerated, but not THE wrench. Yes, first black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson invented something, Don’t underestimate the intellect of athletes. Second, Loring Coes invented the monkey wrench before Jack Johnson was champion of walking and feeding himself. All this is easily researchable, but since the bogus Jack Johnson story is one that canonizes a black man and vilifies The White Man™, the Ankh Nigga goes for the lie. The funny thing is that a real vilifying story is that Jack Johnson was arrested for having a relationship with a white woman, but that would mean the Ankh Nigga would have to acknowledge that a hero of American black history consorted with white people.
When speaking to women, a Conscious Brother may randomly use a term like “Sister”, or “ma’am”, or “miss”, or just use their goddamn names. An Ankh Nigga will speak of hoisting black women on pedestals and treating them like queens. He will claim to cherish his “black queen” beyond anyone. In fact, he will call a woman “Queen”, mostly in order to get in her pants, because that’s how you become one and enlightened too! The next day, though, he will talk shit about one woman’s perm, another one’s choice of dress, and another one’s profession, if it is not one of which the Ankh Nigga “approves”. He enjoys contrasting Angela Davis and Bree Newsome against Nikki Minaj or Gangsta Boo, because the latter talk about and flaunt their...assets...whenever they get a chance. You definitely want to exalt your civil rights leaders, but if you are doing so by shaming black women who show off their bodies, you’re doing it wrong. The Ankh Nigga will claim that the latter are not “real women”, because he feels that he is in a position to say who gets to be deemed a woman. No one has to like a certain type of music or patronize a strip club or ogle women in videoes, but owning and controlling one’s body and sexuality is a privilege that was taken away from women, especially black women. Black women have been treated like Hottentot Venuses even before Saartjie Baartman was born. Now, after a history of being controlled, they hold some power in what they should have always owned. I am not saying that black women who flaunt themselves, be they singers, actors, or adult performers, are intentionally taking back what was psychologically and physically taken from them for hundreds of years. They may not be Sexual Rosa Parks, but a woman owning and controlling what she does with her body deserves as much respect as a woman who climbed a flagpole to cut down an American Swastika from a state house lawn. Actually, they both deserve respect because they are both human, and you don’t know their personal history. Quit Ankhin’.
A Conscious Brother can see shards of his struggle for equal rights in other people’s struggle. He may not explicitly ally with other groups, but he doesn’t get in their way when they march, and he doesn’t say inane things like, “We can’t help anyone else until we get ours!” This is a bad practice for activism and sex, and in both cases, you will wind up sad and alone. The Ankh Nigga takes the Goofus approach, and in many cases, he puts down other people’s causes as invalid, saying that they will destroy his precious black community. Specific targets may be the LGBT community. We  all now know that gay people have been around since people have been around. They may only be 5-10% of the population, but to claim that they are tearing apart black families is ludicrous. Your family’s buying into the thought that homosexuals have some devious plan to turn everyone into a pink rhinoceros (or whatever the conspiracy is this week) is what is tearing apart the black family. The Ankh Nigga probably won’t admit that back in the time of Hannibal, sexuality was more fluid for both men and women, and today’s climate is slowly leaning back toward sexual fluidity. He will NEVER admit that Bayard Rustin, good friend and speech writer for Martin Luther King, Jr, was openly gay, and that he was an ardent activist in both black and gay rights movements. That would shatter the armor of his fragile, subjection-based masculinity. Speaking of fragile masculinity, the Ankh Nigga will most likely post and repost about #BlackLivesMatter, but he will never pick up a sign that says #TransLivesMatter, even though of the 20+ transgender women who were murdered in 2015, nearly all of them were black or brown women. I suppose #BlackLivesMatter, but only if they fit the Ankh Nigga’s binary view of gender and sexuality. This will explain why he will talk of the danger of Jaden Smith wearing a dress and how he’d beat his kid if he came out, yet he will not reconcile the fact that a lot of African cultures had unisex clothing, often consisting of a form of sarong, which is essentially an elaborate dress. His precious Egyptians didn’t even wear pants.
The Ankh Nigga will go on for days about how there are no positive images of black men on television, and how it is now frowned upon to be masculine, all because of a Homosexual Agenda®, and therefore we’re lost. That is because his masculinity is so delicate that anyone pointing out that he derives it from a point of chauvinism instead of actual brotherhood will be deemed an agent of the Homosexual Agenda®. It’s funny, because if his masculinity were actually strong, it would stand a few questions about from whence it came, and not depend on oppression of others. There are and were agendas that are detrimental to the black community that the Ankh Nigga claims to love so much. The redlining of communities prevented black families from getting homes in better neighborhoods, or even getting loans to attain said homes. This cordoned us off into specific communities where it was difficult to work and be stable. There is also the disparate rate of arrests and the harsher punishment of black men for certain crimes, especially nonviolent drug offenses. One cannot forget the effects of deliberately racist policies, like Jim Crow and chattel slavery. To this day, there are still people who think that black people are too stupid, lecherous, and/or physically strong to control. This feeds into the idea that we are so impervious that sometimes physicians will not prescribe us treatments for pain that they would for lighter hued people. They second-guess us at work, or are surprised when we get our work done on time. At worse\t, when we are unarmed and shot, a primary excuse is that we essentially looked “scary”, with Superman strength or animal powers. These are a few things that are ACTUALLY detrimental to the black community in America.  The Homosexual Agenda® did not perpetuate these myths, but the Ankh Nigga will continue maintain that the guy who likes to kiss guys is destroying his home. He also will not speak of the TRUE damage to African and African American societies in relation to homosexuality and gender non-conformity: adherence to religious interpretations fed to those communities by American and European missionaries that espouse hatred and death for all non-straight people. People are being lynched and burned alive in Rest of It, all fueled by the rhetoric of those missionaries who planted and cultivated a view of sexuality that made any binary outlier a tool of the Devil. The Ankh Nigga will not admit that this is the seed of his homophobia though; that would mean admitting that he received something from The White Man™.
The most annoying thing that the Ankh Nigga does is ardently defend every single black man who comes under any public scrutiny. In some cases, it is justified. Many of the clap aimed at Barack Obama deserves some clap back…perhaps not the drone strikes and not closing Guantanamo Bay after promising to do it in a year. However, some people need no ardent defense. When Dr. Benjamin Carson speaks, just let him speak. Critics of him are not criticizing him because he is a successful black doctor. They are criticizing him because he is either a liar, or despite his prowess at cutting people open, his is a fucking moron. The Ankh Nigga will ignore that Carson said that the Pyramids were really grain silos, even though nothing but dead people and their belongings were found in them. Being the source of the ankh, one would think that the Ankh Nigga would be more defensive of all things Egypt, but since a black man said it, he let it slide and go after the historians, who know what the hell they’re talking about. Any time a black man gets into legal trouble, the Ankh Nigga will defend him so hard. If a famous black man is in trouble, it MUST be a conspiracy concocted by The White Man™ to “keep the brother down”. It couldn’t possibly be that some successful black men make some mistakes. The White Man™ didn’t go undercover as pit bulls and convince Michael Vick to have them fight each other. He did that on his own. The White Man™ also didn’t disguise itself as Tiger Woods’ penis and have affairs to break up his marriage. The White Man™ didn’t force Michael Jordan to gamble, or give Magic Johnson HIV, or make Cee-Lo Green roofie that woman, or make Wesley Snipes evade taxes, or force Mike Tyson to beat up his wife or rape that woman. Most recently, The White Man™ did not convince 50 women from different walks of life to come forward and concoct a story about being drugged and assaulted by Bill Cosby. It was not because he tried to buy NBC back in the 1980s. They did not wait over 30 years, in the twilight of his career to “take him down”. That is the lamest revenge plot ever. But the Ankh Nigga will cling to whatever conspiracy theory (or in this case, COSpiracy theory) to defend any black man in trouble. Oft times, this defense includes slut-shaming women from all walks of life. He will call them lying sluts. He will question their motives. He will ask why they didn’t come forward sooner. Even if they came forward the minute after they were assaulted, he will question how they got to a phone so quickly after being traumatized. No matter what it takes, they will be certain to completely trash a woman, even his ever exhalted black woman, to defend any successful black man. It is ironically almost homoerotic, his devotion to defending black men.
The Ankh Nigga’s conspiracy theories about The White Man® are actually an insult to the conspiracies that The White Man® actually did perpetuate. The Tuskegee Experiment was a plot to use black men and women as guinea pigs by deliberately giving them syphilis and testing the results. The forced sterilization of some poor and imprisoned folk was another covert attack. Redlining communities was a President-approved plot. One of the crown jewels of conspiracies by The White Man® was the FBI’s COINTELPRO. It was purported to be an anti-communist task force, but it was really an excuse for Hoover’s FBI to tear apart every civil rights group that promoted racial or gender equality, sometimes from the inside. Hoover even tried to blackmail Martin Luther King, Jr with evidence of his infidelity. Even with that, Martin Luther King ACTUALLY did cheat on his wife, but King didn’t budge. His civil rights reputation is still intact today, though. Sadly, The Ankh Nigga will continue to cling to the fantastic, and not the real.
This is gymnastic twisting and bending is not often afforded to successful black women. The Ankh Nigga will continue to critique Halle Barry and her relationships even though he is probably single. He will not come to Oprah Winfrey’s defense, but he will feed into the lesbian/beard rumors, or just talk about her weight. As mentioned earlier, performing artists get much scorn from the Ankh Nigga, since they don’t fit the civil rights nun image that he fantasizes women civil rights activists fit. When he does speak of black women, if it’s not about talking about how she is the queen of the universe, it’s usually about how fine she is, but both are in objectifying terms. He thinks he sounds intelligent and complimentary, but he just sounds like every other person expressing the male gaze in words. There is nothing wrong with looking at the person that one likes and expressing interest, but the Ankh Nigga does not know how to actually do it respectfully.
So sally forth, young black man. By all means, uplift your community. Uplift your race. Uplift your world. Just don’t fall into the traps of an Ankh Nigga. There are more countries in Africa than Egypt. You can call the black woman a queen if you like, but treat her like a person, not a piece of porcelain. Fight for equality, but not by stomping on another group of people who had nothing to do with your community’s ills. Defend public figures who get a bad raps, but acknowledge that everyone is human, and sometimes, they actually DID do something bad. Here is a simple test: if you call yourself a civil rights activist, but your form of activism involves putting down certain people in (or adjacent to) your community, then you are an Ankh Nigga. Stop Ankhin’.

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