Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Crocodile tears. #Shade
A few weeks ago, bonafide example of a police officer who abused his power being brought to justice has been circulating. Daniel Holtzclaw of Oklahoma PD was sentenced to 263 years for the serial rape of 13 women in his jurisdiction, including an underage girl. There is no murkiness here. This story is a clean-cut story of police corruption: there was no question of what the victims were wearing, if they had what could be mistaken for a weapon, whether they were charging at him or not. He targeted women who were poor, black and had minor drug offenses in his area. You’d think that this story would be all over in the media with a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag following it. Sadly, no. Most of the people writing and circulating this story are women.

Another story being disseminated mostly by women is the story of NeShante Davis and her daughter, Chloe Davis-Green (2 years old), were murdered, and Ms. Davis’s ex is being charged. The main motive was a paternity suit and child support, but as with every other case of violence against women, the money is just the tip of the iceberg. How many women live in fear of their own spouses? How many are afraid to give a flat out “no” to a man’s advances at a bar, because they know that some men will become lethally violent at a hint of rejection? Since violence against a woman BECAUSE she is a woman happens every few minutes, all women who are worried have every right to be.

There are a few reports on the main news sites regarding these stories, but nothing front page, as unfortunately expected. Mostly black women, not men, in the #BlackLivesMatter circle tweeting, posting, and writing about these cases. Did we forget that black women are lives that matter, too? Acknowledging this does not diminish the movement.  It emboldens it.

The Holtzclaw case made it the courts, and justice was served. Men and women in and out of law enforcement should rejoice that someone abusing his power was put away. The Davis case is entering court soon. Hopefully, it will be followed, but seeing that this type of violence happens every day, I am not going to hold my breath. If you are a black man and ever used #BlackLivesMatter and have not talked about these stories or the overall issue, then stop calling yourself a man.

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