Friday, January 12, 2018

Donald Trump Could Use "Nigger" as a Pronoun, and It Wouldn't Change a Thing

I have been so focused on how grotesquely misogynist Tang the Conqueror is that I nearly forgot how grotesquely racist he is. His platform was always a diverse one of racism, misogyny, LGBTQ-phobia, and a smattering of poverty shaming and gaudiness. I know that white evangelicals think he’s the “Christian” choice, but Jesus would slap the shit out of the Kumquat Kaiser.

Now, after he called countries in Africa and Haiti “shithole countries” and lamented why we can’t get more Norwegian immigrants into the country, I’m reminded how racist he is. This doesn’t change anything, though. The people who support him, the ones who claim they like him for his straight talk and “saying what he means” will defend him by saying he didn’t mean that. Tsangerine Tsar can get on live television, open a speech, “We need to get the niggers out of Chicago”, conclude it with, “…and we’ll bomb the shit out of those North gooks”, all while wearing a Grand Dragon robe, and they will deny that he is racist.

This is because in order for them to admit that donald trump is a racist, they must not only admit that they are wrong, but they must also admit that they, too, might be racist. And make no mistake: every single person who voted for Donald Trump is a racist at some level.

The obvious ones are the white supremacists: the David Dukes, the Sebastian Gorkas, the growing number of neo-nazis and klansmen who literally where their racism on their sleeves. Not even Cuck a l’Orange is at this level of bigotry. He is at the second tier: the gaslighters. These are the ones who are savvy about fooling people into thinking that they are not. They use coded language and will not shut the fuck up about Chicago. They use drug laws to crack down on brown and black freedom, like Jeff Sessions is doing now. They second you call them out, they’ll claim that they are not, because look! Steve Harvey Omorosa Ben Carson is my friend! They are full of shit, and every marginalized person yelling that the emperor has no clothes is frustrated at the massive group that make up most of the racists today: the “I’m not racist” racists. These are your relatives, your friends, your colleagues that say off-color things thinking that they are stating fact when they are really repeating stereotypes that have no foundation in reality once you dig down into the history of what “factoid” they stated. They probably have a black friend and can’t understand how they can be racist if they have a black friend. They probably believe that Hispanic people are naturally lazy and that black people have an extra tendon in their legs that make them jump higher. They most definitely have a copy of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus somewhere mixed in with their Jim Patterson and Danielle Steele novels.

The “I’m not racist” racists perpetuate racist, sexist, and LGBTQ-phobic tropes that plague society without even knowing it, which is dangerous enough. But we’re now at a point where they will not want to admit that they are wrong, which means they will only dig down and get worse. Like racist Pok√©mon, after facing facts that go against things they thought to be doctrine, they will evolve into gaslighter racists.

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