Wednesday, March 7, 2018

#KillmongerWasWrong #FightMe

Ryan Coogler is a damn genius. I fell into a hotep trap watching Black Panther. Some of y’all have been saying #KillmongerWasRight, been changing your online names to #Killmonger4Ever, identifying with his struggle for greatness against all odds.

That’s cool, but just like in the comics, Killmonger was wrong as fuck. In both versions, he thought he was OWED the throne due to jilted feelings and a family spat. He ain’t shit! I totally get the perspective in the movies, though. He wanted to disseminate the technology and knowledge of Wakanda to the African Diaspora. They had suffered so much out of Africa for years that they need relief. The added mass murder is not a great bonus though.

We should have known Killmonger wasn’t right. Besides the all the murders, his origin story was basically that his father set him down and told him, “We wuz KANGS!” Nothing positive could have come from fake wokeness. You’re kaping for Killmonger now, but wait until he starts going off on a tangent about how garlic is poison or toothpaste is mind control or women’s periods are not natural. And I’ll BET you that nigga is a flat-earther.

And then he died saying some hotep shit. Something like, “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” Motherfucker, you are from EAST Africa! And they were thrown from the boats, and your ass is half Wakandan! Shut yo ass up and die!

Anyway, Killmonger was not right. NAKIA was. She left Wakanda because she was frustrated with the lack of helping others. She was out in those streets HELPING the indigent instead of training to kill. Nakia wanted to bring Wakanda to the world, not with a bomb, but with an open hand. It was ALWAYS Nakia. We wuz blind!

That’s okay, though. We all make mistakes, and I’m sorry. Historically, we have been listening to the loudest over the wisest, and look where that got us. Next time, just remember: Listen to black women.


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