Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's National Come On Out Day! :-D

It’s National Coming Out Day today (11th October). Since I already came out as a lesbian last year (I LOVE women:-9), I will commemorate this day by calling it National Come On Out Day. Here is a list of a few anti-LGBT activists who were caught doing really gay stuff:

  • Allen, Robert. State House Representative-R, FL
    • Spent his career aligning himself and his voting record with the Christian Coalition, who has a history of backing anti-gay legislature.
    • Offered an undercover vice officer $20 if he could give the officer for fellatio. BONUS: his excuse was racist! He claimed that he was intimidated by the muscular black officer, and thought he was going to rob him. There is no robbery situation where I would offer oral sex to the assailant...unless it was Angela Bassett. Then I would dive in head first.
  • Arango, Roberto. Senator-R, PR
    •  Voted to ban gay marriage in 2009 (the bill failed), opposes civil unions, and used a duck to make fun of a campaign opponent in 2004 (labeling someone a duck is a homophobic slur used in Puerto Rico).
    • Used his smart phone to post naked pictures of himself to post on Grindr, a gay dating site.
  • Ashburn, Roy Arthur. State Senator-R, CA
    • Voted against every gay rights measure that came to the State Senate while in office.
    • Arrested for DUI after having left a gay nightclub with another patron as a passenger. Admitted that he actually is gay.
  • Bachmann, Marcus. Clinical Therapist, head of Bachmann & Associates
    • Uses Michelle Bachmann as a beard. Heads up Bachmann & Associates, where he performs "ex-gay" therapy on homosexuals. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't "pray the gay away" in therapy sessions. He holds the gay close, arms intertwined, bodies pressed together as one...HIS words.
    • It's just a matter of f***ing time…
  • Craig, Larry Edwin. US Senator-R, ID
    • Attempted to push for a sever punishment for openly gay Senator Barney Frank amidst a gay prostitution scandal. Supported the ill-fated Federal Marriage Amendment. Promised to vote "yes" for an Idaho amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in Idaho.
    • Alleged to have had cocaine and have seix with male teenage congressional pages in 1982. In 2007, convicted of lewd conduct when he inadvertantly propositioned an undercover officer for gay sex in a men's bathroom at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Later denied being gay, then got voted out of office.
  • Curtis, Richard. State House Representative-R, WA
    • Opposed gay rights bill that banned sexual orientation-based discriminiation. Voted against recognising domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples.
    • Met a gay porn star Cody Castagna at an adult book store and had sex with him in a hotel room.
  • Dreier, David Timothy. US House Representative-R, CA
    • Supported the Defense of Marriage Act, voted against gay adoption, voted against including homosexuals in a protected class in hate crime cases.
    • Had a romantic relationship with his chief of staff, Brad W. Smith. Denied it, though it was a known "open secret".
  • Haggard, Ted Arthur. Evangelical Pastor, Former leader of National Association of Evangelicals
    • Supported Colorado's Amendment 43, which would define marriage in Colorado as only the union of a man and a woman.
    • Maintained a 3-year relationship with a male escort, used methamphetamine with said escort, claimed to have been "cured", finally admitted being bisexual.
  • King, Troy Robin. State Attorney General-R, AL
    • Unsuccessfully attempted to enforce the Anti-Obscenity Enofrcement Act, called homosexuality the downfall of society.
    • Middle name is Robin. Also, caught by his wife having sex with the Tory University homecoming king…Kind of narcissistic.
  • Long, Eddie Lee. Senior Pastor, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
    • Led “homosexual cure” programs to recruit gays and lesbians for “Sexual Reorientation” conferences. Marched with Bernice king to the grave of Martin Luther King, Jr to promote a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
    • Three separate men brought lawsuits against Long alleging he used his position of power to coerce them into sexual relationships, making them participate in "covenant" ceremonies.
  • Murphy, Glenn Jr. National Chair, Young Republican National Federation
    • Head of the f***ing Young Republican National Federation.
    • Pled guilty in a sexual assault case where he performed oral sex on a sleeping colleague.
  • Rekers, George Alan. Southern Baptist Minister, "Psychologist"
    • On founding board of the Family Research Council. Former advisor of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, an association that promotes "aversion therapy".
    • Photographed at Miami International Airport accompanied by a "RentBoy", who he claimed was just helping him with his luggage…even though he was photographed carrying his own luggage.
  • Schrock. Edward Lee. US House Representative-R, VA
    • Aggressiveley opposed any gay rights legislation while in office.
    • Caught on tape having sex with a male prostitute; subsequently voted out of office.

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