Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank You, NRA

Thank the Founding Fathers for the First Amendment. Think of how many times in history that American people may have been silenced because what they said went against the grain of what most of society thought? Would there have been a large abolition movement? Would slavery have ended? Would women have gotten the right to vote and own property? Would we be learning about all the scientific breakthroughs that went against reasoning of the elder times? Would we have been a haven for Jews trying to escape the the tendrils of the Third Reich? Let’s face it: were it not for the First Amendment, it is HIGHLY unlikely that the Civil Rights Movement would have gotten off the ground. All the leaders for whom we name buildings and build statues and monuments would have been quietly silenced and never known. Thank you, Founding Fathers, for the insight to create such a liberating Amendment.

Also, let’s thank the National Rifle Association for using the First Amendment to demonstrate exactly how grotesquely f***ing despicable the organisation truly is. First, Wayne LaPierre responded to the Sandy Hook shooting by saying we need MORE guns in the hands of citizens, all while ANOTHER shooting of innocent people was occurring. Then Ted Nugent likened gun owners to the Rosa Parks of the new generation. Now they announced that the nation’s first Gun Appreciation Day will be 19th January, or as others will recognise, the same weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It makes SO much sense that the NRA would liken the “gun rights” movement to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, because just like everyone’s race, gender, and sexuality, we’re ALL born with guns in our hands.

Having Gun Appreciation Day coincide with the one of the most pivotal individuals of the Civil Rights Movements, whose career was ended by the very item to be celebrated show me what kind of demented f***s run the NRA. Why stop there? Let’s find out when Nicole Brown Simpson’s birthday is, and have Knife Appreciation Day. Let’s have Nail/Wood Appreciation Day coincide with Christmas. Let’s have Suicidal Plane Crash Day on 9/11 next year!

In what kind of fog is the NRA residing that they actually think they are carrying out a civil rights campaign? I’d really like to know, since back in the 1960s, DURING the Civil Rights Movement, the NRA played a key role in writing stricter gun laws in California to take guns away from the Black Panther Party. So owning a gun is a civil right...unless you’re brown...but they’ll definitely usurp the tone of the movement. Gun Appreciation Day founder Larry Ward even said that African Americans would have prevented slavery had they been armed. So true, if ignore the fact that there were numerous armed uprisings that were squashed going back to the 1500s, and also the fact that if slavery had been prevented, THEY WOULDN’T BE CALLED AFRICAN AMERICANS! They’d just be Africans.

So thank you, NRA for showing the world how utterly deplorable you will act to defend people’s rights in this country to bear arms, so long as they’re white. And thank the First Amendment for allowing me to say how disgustingly hypocritical The NRA is. And though the First Amendment disallows me to invite people to beat the living s*** out of Wayne Lapierre, Ted Nugent, Larry Ward, and any other gun nut who equated the the right to use a lethal material good with the struggle for basic human rights with the the butts of their own firearms, I can freely say that I would not be sad if one day, they were found in a ditch beaten within an inch of their lives, wallowing in a pool of their own diarrhea.

...Ah, ‘Merica.

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