Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Kansas City Negros Would Never Fly...

I heard some great news: the students of a central school in Cooperstown, NY voted to change the name of their mascot from Redskins to anything NOT blatantly f***ing racist. This is great news, and for a change, the public commended them, instead admonishing them for being affected by the liberal mainstream media and school system, bent on corrupting our children that the world is older than 6,000 years, guys who kiss guys are humans, and woman can do math! [GASP]! This is progress.

Usually, any time people complain about the names and mascots of the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Florida Seminoles, Atlanta Braves, etc, people would tell the complainants to stop whining, because, “It’s tradition and you can’t change tradition”, even when the complainants are the indigenous people of the US, like even before the US WAS the US. The “it’s tradition” argument would be valid, except that it was once “tradition” that I would be only consider 60% of a human being, and 100% the live property of another person, who would have “traditionally” raped my female relatives routinely. After that got blasé, it was still “tradition” to force a brown fellow like me to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, and get educated in sub-par (sometimes subhuman) allegories of my former owner’s facilities. That went out of style as well.

This idea that we can’t change something that’s been done for years would also be valid, were it not a complete counter to what ALWAYS happens in history. This is the same type of argument that people make about changing the Constitution. I can give you 27 reasons why that argument has more holes in it than a brown guy reaching for his wallet in front of a bunch of cops in NYC...too soon?

I think what makes me wonder about the whole racist mascot thing is why is it taking so long for this progression to happen? There would be NO way that there would still be a Cleveland Niggers, or the Florida Fighting Mandingos, or the Atlanta Railroad Chinks or the Washington Spics. There would be SO much uproar. Even product names that were BLATANTLY wrong are gone...except of course for Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Eskimo Pies, Chiquita Bananas, Land O’ Lakes...OK, so Nigger Hair Tobacco and Darky Toothpaste don’t exist. I guess we have a way to go on that front as well...

Anyway, why do these teams and mascots still exist??? I shouldn’t complain. Rome wasn’t built, then subsequently destroyed, then rebuilt in a day. I should be happy that things are changing. One day, Washington will have a less racist, more fitting team name, like The Washington Politico-Corporate Incubi, or the Cleveland River Fires or something. Whatever, I’m not big on team sports anyway.

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