Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Racist > 200 Black Girls

Unless you went camping on Mars this weekend, you likely know all about Donald Sterling and his disdain for his MexiBlack (Blaxican? African-Amexican!) girlfriend taking pictures of famous black men and posting them online. They’re all fully clothed and all; he just didn’t like that she would associate with Negroes. However, for some reason, it’s totally fine for him to have a mixed-race mistress. Can you believe it? An old white guy who owns a giant organisation of black people who make him money having a black mistress on the side! That is unheard of! Ask any white Jefferson or Washington you know.

Punishment was swift for Mr. Sterling. NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned him from all NBA games for life. He also plans to try to force him to give up ownership of the Clippers. I’m not sure how that is going to work. I say really bad things about the Tea Party, and I would accept that they would likely ban me from any of their rallies and meetings, but if they try to take away my Star Wars Limited Edition tea set, they have a fight on their hands. Regardless, it is what it is.

A few things bother me about this whole thing, though. Donald Sterling has been treating brown people like shit for YEARS. He’s a slum lord! He tried to not rent to black and brown tenants, and when he did, he treated them like they were trash! How else do you you think he’d run an NBA team? Why do you think the Clippers sucked for so long? Even the 76ers got better, for crying out loud!

Sterling is Jewish. It will always confound me that a member of a group that is historically oppressed can exact oppression on another group.

Donald Sterling got a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP. It’s because amidst all his racist business practices, he made “penance” by setting up charities and programs for minorities. so for every handicapped elderly black woman he wanted to evict for complaining about her flooded apartment, he bussed a bunch of kids to a basketball camp. this is somewhat like when mafiosos kill someone, but then go to church and donate a boatload of money to them to clear their consciences. The NAACP does NOT have a Bigot Confessional!

If the NBA commissioner can actually get Sterling to sell, he’ll make a profit. The $2.5 million fine to a billionaire is like charging $.05 on a $2.00 coffee. He bought the Clippers franchise for about $12.5 million. Its estimated worth is about $575 million now! That's not a punishment! It’s as if he was playing the Candyman mirror game, except he said, “nigger” 5 times, and a giant bag of money appeared behind him.

The most bothering element of this whole thing is that while EVERY media outlet was focused on Donald Sterling, the fact that an extremist group kidnapped 200+ girls from a school and are turning them into sex slaves is a Page 10 article! 234 young women were kidnapped in the most brazen of attacks by Boko Haram. Where are the SEAL teams taking them out? Where is the UN joint force helping Nigerian armed forces root out and destroy their hideouts? It’s been nearly a month. Do we need to say that they have weapons of mass destruction to get people involved? Should we rename Nigeria “Yemen-Light” for a bit so that we can orchestrate some attacks? Should we tell people that Boko Haram is harvesting crude oil and gems? How about we tell the world that the assailants kidnapped 234 white blonde exchange students? That would at LEAST get the US involved. We love saving pretty white girls. Will the world care then? THESE WOMEN ARE BEING SOLD FOR $12 A PIECE!

But sensationalism, on ALL spectrums of the media from left wing MSNBC to right wing Fox to Malaysian plane-obsessed CNN, dictate that we must pay attention to an old white man who we should have know was a racist piece of shit. Nice going, America. You're making us Canada's dirty underpants. Again.

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