Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No, F*** You: Notes on the Misogysphere

Today was somewhat of a bad day. I’ve been looking forward to a new Gnarls Barkley album, but I learned that ½ of the group, Cee-Lo Green, thinks he can explain rape better than everyone else. He went on Twitter and explained that it’s not rape if a party is unconscious. He also compared unconscious sexual relations to if a person broke into a house; there may be broken glass, but where is the proof of the robbery? He also asserted that people who have been raped remember! Thank goodness he wasn’t a juror in the Steubenville, OH case. If someone broke into his house and fucked shit up while he was asleep, I wonder if he’d change his mind on consent. If you want to develop a raging angrection™, Buzzfeed made an article about it, even though Mr. Green’s Twitter account was deleted, and then re-created, sans the rage porn.

Why on earth did Cee-Lo feel the need to discuss sexual assault? Because he faced sexual assault charges stemming from a 2012 incident in which he slipped ecstasy in a woman’s drink, and she woke up in her bed next to him with no knowledge of how she got there next to him. He pled no contest to slipping the E, was able to skip out on any sexual assault charges, due to lack of evidence. However, the Tweets seem to tell you what happened. So to Cee-Lo Green and his lawyer, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people saying, “Fuck you, and fuck her, too”.

In other news today, NPR ran a story on the “manosphere”. This is a group of male individuals who fight for “men’s rights” and see the advancement of women’s rights as a threat on their own. This movement precedes blogs, and gained much of a following thanks to Warren Ferrell, essentially the Nathan Bedford Forrest of the men’s rights movement. Again, you can read the NPR article if you like, but you might get an angrection™. Do NOT go to the comments section.

How are Cee-Lo and the manosphere related? Because both of them are #mansplaining their “plights”. The thoughts that Cee-Lo so eloquently tweeted are due to the manosphere. This is the globe from whence the Pick-Up ArtistsⓇ and Nice Guys™ oozed. Active participants in this movement would agree with Green: that unconsciousness is consent. They see the advancement in equality as a threat to their own rights. The only real threat is that they cannot treat women as less than and get away with it. The Manosphere is really the Misogysphere, and #mansplaining is just shorthand for #TheLast10000YearsOfWrittenHistory.

Green and Ferrell and the Misogysphere think that consent is a fluid, and affirmation is a threat. The only thing that consent can be is CONSENT. It is not difficult to gain, but these “men” are not man enough to get it. The Misogysphere is afraid of the concept of consent because they don’t know how to RESPECT. When someone tells you to “man up”, instead of devolving into the Misogysphere, take that as meaning “respect everyone”. Feminism and consent are only threats to men who are actually just adult boys.

...on the bright side, my birthday is tomorrow, and someone sent me a surprise gift: a sold-out Lego Exo-Suit kit, and it has a man AND a woman pilot! Boom.

Silver Linings.

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