Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Audacity of Dopes: "Many Sides", My Black Ass.

So...Charlottesville. I have few words that I said over Twitter. I have been straight up yelling at people who try to compare a philosophy of murder with a philosophy of civility. YOUR president wants to talk about there being violence on “many sides”. YOUR president took two days to call out the Klan and the American Nazi Party as hate groups. That’s because YOUR president knows who his base voting bloc is.
I can discuss how confederate monuments that disgrace public lands is essentially state sanctioned domestic terrorism. I just watched the Vice documentary about the entire incident, both at night and during the day. I watched that car plow through a crowd of people walking up a street from three angles. You need to see that video, but take into account these quotes that stood out in the video:
"[Whites] generally are not inclined to such behavior." 3:00
"I'm trying to make myself capable of more violence." 3:43
"We're not nonviolent. We'll kill these people if we have to!" 6:30
"We are stepping off the internet in a big way...there were hundreds and hundreds of us. People realize that they are not atomized individuals; they are part of a bigger whole, because we have been spreading out memes, we have been organizing on the internet, and so now they're coming out, and you can see we greatly outnumbered the anti-white, anti-american filth, and at some point, we will have enough power that we will clear them form the streets forever. That which is degenerate in white countries will be removed...we're starting to unveil our power level. You ain't seen nothing yet." 8:15
"I'm about to send at least 200 people with guns to get them out if you guys don't get them out." 9:15 [talking to police]
"This is the largest nationalist rally in 2 decades here in the United States." 10:40
TIMOTHY PORTER, Counter Protester, Activist
"They just literally came down the street at 80mph to fucking hit us right now! There's bodies laying on the ground right now! We told City Council we did not want them here.They let them come. We told the police we did not want them here. They let them come. I had to jump out of the way; I almost got hit by the car my fucking self. I seen bodies flying getting hit by that car. I see people and blood on the fucking ground. This is my town! We did not those motherfuckers here! And now we got bodies on the ground, and they trying to revive somebody right now." Timothy Porter 12:40
"I ran up because they were screaming, 'Medic, medic, medic', and there was a guy laying on the side, and there was a woman laying there, hardly breathing, and uh, They were rolling her over, and she died. I help do CPR on her." 14:00
MONTAE TAYLOR, Local Resident
"I have a great-grandfather who literally told me the same stories of what I've experienced today. And the fact that I can look at whats going on and see what my grandfather was talking about, it's not scary, but It's appalling. And the fact that we have a president that can go on TV and talk about, 'People were wrong on many sides', and not even acknowledge the young woman who lost her life, as a result of people who he has notably and knowingly incited is appalling to me, but honestly, I can't say that I'm surprised." 15:30
TANESHA HUDSON, Local Resident
"We need you guys at every meeting that's for equality and togetherness and unity. We need everybody to make Charlottesville a real place of resistance." 16:00
"This has always been the reality of Charlottesville. you can't stand in one corner of this city and not look at the master sitting on top of Monticello. He looks down on us. He's been looking down on this city for God knows how long. This, This is Charlottesville." 17:00
"I came pretty well prepared for this thing today. [Unpacks and identifies all guns and other weapons on his person and in the room] I'd say it was worth it. We knew that we were gonna meet with a lot of resistance. The fact that no one on our side died, I'd say points for us. The fact that none of our people killed anybody unjustly, I think is a plus for us. I think that we showed our rivals that we won't be cowed." 19:45
"I think it was more than justified. the amount of restraint that our people showed out there, I think is astounding." 20:30
"I think a lot more people are gonna die before we're done here, frankly...These people want violence, and the right is just meeting market demand." 21:10
All the violent rhetoric came from the organizers of the rally. They came to worship the stone and metal idol of Robert E. Lee, and they were ready to fight. The Antifa, by many accounts, were in defensive mode, but may have been goaded at times deliberately. “Hatred and violence on many sides”, my black ass. Heather Heyer’s blood is on the people on the fence as much as the people who organized this event.

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