Monday, May 18, 2009

Comatose Monkeys

The Squire Bugiganga entered the kingdom early today, thinking it would be a good day. He opened his box of messages and had three "important" scrolls in it already.

Noble’s Email: "Help! The Kings (about whom the Nobles all talk as if they are complete ignoramuses) tried to send scrolls via the flying monkeys on Friday, and they could not! Then I tried to use the monkeys, and they would not work for me either. You must go find out why the monkeys won't fly, and guide the Kings’ squires step-by-step on how to make the monkeys fly again! This must be done NOW!!!!"

The Squire found the Kings’ Squire and went to the stall where the monkeys were held and immediately saw the problem: The monkeys were asleep. He saw that the monkeys’ eyes were closed. He also saw the SIGN on the stall door saying, "The Monkeys Are Asleep." The Noble TOLD the Squires to put said sign on the stall door. He did not understand, though, that monkeys cannot fly if they are asleep.

...This is Squire Bugiganga’s Monday.

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