Friday, June 24, 2011

LGBT Pride Month: Making Dude-Bros Question Their Sexuality Since 2000

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered History Month is in June, and my usual thing is to post something on my Facebook wall at the beginning of the month something to the effect of, “LGBT Month: Making Ed-Hardy, Axe Body Spray wearing dude-bros quietly question their sexuality since 2000”.

Since I hadn’t had time to do that, I figure another rant about equal rights and bigots would suffice. Any day now, the NY State Senate is going to vote on a bill that will make same-sex marriage legal in the state. This is a big deal, especially to same-sex couples who have been together for years, raised children, bought houses together, but still cannot visit them in hospitals, or make any decisions for each other if one should fall ill or be erstwhile incapacitated. I could go on a long rant about the arguments against gay marriage, but I am running late for work. Instead I pose this challenge: for anyone who is against gay marriage, give me ONE rational reason why it should not be legal for homosexuals to be able to marry, WITHOUT citing religious, social, personal, or moral objections, AND explain why your argument is Constitutionally sound, and I MIGHT change my mind. Until you can do that, shut the f*** up, and let people live their lives.

Now onto bigots…One thing I LOVE to hear during certain ethnic or social group months is, “When is White History Month”? You have NO Idea how much I just want to HUG a person the 28 times during Black History Month that I get to hear, “When is our month?” Then Women’s History month comes, and I get to hear it again! :-D Then Asian American Heritage Month rolls around, and I hear it another 30 times. During LGBT Heritage Month, I heard a little twist to this mantra: “When is Straight People’s Month”? This almost always is coming out of some middle-aged white man or a twentysomething dude-bro’s mouth. I just want to get these inquirers in a big room and hug them all with my lead pipe and lobotomy kit.

Do you know why there’s no White/Straight/Men’s Heritage Month? Because EVERY MONTH IS WHITE/STRAIGHT/MEN’S HERITAGE MONTH!!! White straight men are in charge of the world! White straight men conquered most every culture and steam-rolled their way to power. White straight men discouraged admiration for anyone else except straight white men! Perhaps had your ancestors not spent so much time suppressing every other culture that was not their own, perhaps if they embraced other cultures a little more instead of trying to destroy them, other (surviving) cultures would not feel the desire and need to have their own heritage-based months! You dominate the world. You dominate the economy. Technically, since you won all the wars, you can dominate the history books in your favour. Let us have our “months”. You still pretty much own the world. Just saying…

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