Monday, May 21, 2012

50 First Dates: F***ing Autocorrect

Reason Why I'm Single #2012:

I met a nice woman who is as busy as I am. The e-flirting was good, and the few times we went out, it was fun. I asked her out this past weekend via text:

ME: How's your day going? Care for a ride in the temp-mobile later, or are you busy?
SHE: Hey :) Ugh, this day has been bananas! Thanks for the invite, but I'm already busy tonight...I'm actually already booked all weekend :-/ Sorry, spring is rough for my social life, with lots of [work] events.
ME: No apologies needed! You did say you're usually busty for spring because of all the [work] events. The weather is just going to get better, so we postpone for another time.
ME: [...smacks face] Dammit! Busty = BUSTY! WTF, autocorrect?
ME: [GAAAAAHHHH!!!! >X-o] BUSY!!!! I am going to go hide my head until the red in my face in about a week.
It does not help that she has an amazing chest. My phone sometimes gets very Freudian. I've not yet heard back from her...f*** you, autocorrect.

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