Thursday, February 6, 2014

Float like a Butterball

Well, it is official: George Zimmerman and DMX are to go head-to-head in a celebrity boxing match. I would like to let it be known that the African American Community no longer takes responsibility for DMX. We are not claiming him anymore. He’s yours.

The teenage boy in me who remembers being unjustly profiled and/or detained by police, store owners, department store employees, and lone women on the street in broad daylight relishes in the thought of George Zimmerman getting beaten to a pulp by a rapper who regularly acts like one of the many pit bulls he has owned. Of course, it feels like he will receive the justice he deserves. I’m quite certain that DMX would mop the floor with Goerge Zimmerman, who’s defense included his fitness trainer actually saying that he was kind of weak and pudgy. It’s an interesting defense to take, especially when he was able to pull a person out of an overturned car a week after his acquittal. Regardless, it is pretty much expected that Zimmerman will go down hard, unless of course DMX wears a boxing robe with a hood on it.

The grown man in me wonders why a man who literally got away with murder is still in the public eye, and seems to be profiting from killing a teenager who he should not have have been following in the first place. He’s been on talk shows. There was rumor of a book deal. He’s selling paintings. He has shown no remorse for killing someone after mistaking him for a criminal. He gave one half-ass apology to the Martin family, and even that sounded more like, “I’m sorry for your loss, but that n***a looked dangerous!”

The entire charade makes light of a very serious thing that happened. George Zimmerman killed an unarmed teenager, and he’s been laughing about it ever since. This is the latest and most despicable in a growing hill of actions that show that he is trying to become the 21st Century version of OJ Simpson. There is a grieving family, and the killer is making money from their pain. I would call this the most disgusting thing to do, but I’m sure Zimmerman can think of something even more offensive to do. He still hasn’t gotten a deal with A&E or TLC for a reality show called “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” or something.

The proceeds of the boxing event are supposed to go to charity. I’d really prefer that the Zimmerman/DMX match end with absolutely no viewers, and that he’s beaten to a pulp with no one to witness or care. Since it WILL make money, though, the only charity to whom the proceeds should go is the Martin family. I highly doubt that will happen.

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