Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tips for Equating BLM with the KKK

Thanks to Tomi Lahren appearing on The Daily Show last night, the comparison of the BLM movement to the KKK has resurfaced and is gaining popularity.
…We see y’all. We know what you’re doing.
This is not the first time that organized groups of color have been equated with the KKK. Just look at the original Black Panthers, La Raza, the NAACP, SNCC, and pretty much any other group that fought for equality for people of color. It’s funny that people think we’re so scary and have the power to pull off what the Ku Klux Klan has done to this country. I want to help the people who wish to make this claim legitimate. Here are some pointers on how to make the [minority group]/KKK comparison sound more believable:
After saying, “BLM is just like the KKK”, point out the many incidents when BLM rode in the night and put burning B’s on white people’s front lawns because they moved into predominantly black neighborhoods.
Give examples of the times that the NAACP members joined police forces and arrested white people for crimes as little as not nodding their heads to black people.
Show how La Raza covertly and sometimes openly got elected to various parts of the justice system so that they could prosecute and and punish white people in kangaroo courts.
Provide pictures of the members of SNCC leading raids on white people’s homes to kidnap, the residents, castrate and torture them, and then gleefully burn them alive or hang them while others take pictures, all because of false claims of them robbing or raping an innocent black woman.
Tell me all the times when the Black Panthers, in efforts to stem the voting rights of white people, not only got elected to loncal municipalities to pass language and grandfather clauses for voting, and when that didn’t work, started bombing white churches, not caring if anyone was in the church or not.
Once you can do any of these things, THEN your claim that BLM is the new KKK will be valid.
Actually, one more thing: Name all the black people who helped the KKK start up in the first place, and show me all the times that equality groups of color excluded white people from their ranks. The fact is that nearly every group of color welcomed white allies in their ranks, including the original Black Panthers. Groups of color have been all inclusive regardless of their names, because they know what it is like to be excluded. Even our fraternities and sororities have some white people in them. None of them sang on a bus about how they’d sooner hang a white guy than allow them into AFA.
Now, I’m well aware that riots have erupted from some BLM protests. I recognize that destruction of property is not a great way to get your point across. Leaders in BLM explicitly and immediately disavow these people who dare incite violence in their names. The movement is nonviolent. People sometimes are not. No one in BLM chanted to kill cops. Those who did are not part of the movement. If you are so disdainful of the violence that sparked after some protests (violence that often started with people not associated with the marches), then where is your disdain for people who riot when their teams win, or when their teams lose, or when it’s Decorative Gourd Season, or when that a head coach of a football team gets fired for covering up child rape? BLM are asking for respect, and that is unreasonable, but sports teams, pumpkins and getting punished for covering up child rape is just “releasing stress”?
Murderers of cops are NOT part of the movement. They may have co-opted its name, much like Susan G. Komen co-opted the Breast Cancer Awareness movement. The people who killed cops and claimed they were exacting revenge in the name of BLM have also been shown to have no actual ties to BLM. Anyone can claim that they are part of something that they are not to commit crimes. If you really  cared about the lives of cops, you’d be more concerned that nearly three quarters of police officers were killed by white men, not black people.
Some will say that if I am decrying these people co-opting the cause, then I should afford the same benefit of the doubt for Trump regarding his neo-nazi and KKK endorsements. The difference is that the BLM movement IMMEDIATELY DECRIED the actions of those who did fucked up things in their names. Trump first pretended he didn’t know who David Duke was even though he did, was silent about their endorsements throughout the campaign, and then FINALLY denounced them and people’s actions, but then hired at LEAST two white supremacists to his cabinet. Actions speak much louder than his words.

So once you can point out the times that groups of color actively and successfully oppressed the rights of white people, then you can call them “black supremacists” or “reverse racists” or whatever inane neologisms you like, and I’ll be happy to agree. Until then, just admit that you don’t like it when brown people talk.

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