Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is "Dr." Umar Johnson Donald Trump's REAL Son?

I am not sure why, but “Dr.” Umar Johnson has been getting a bit more airplay. He was once relegated to grainy YouTube videos where he pop-locks to his own homophobic diatribe, or pretends he’s got a phone call when he doesn’t…and pop-locks to his own homophobic diatribe. Recently, he was on Power 105.1 spitting that hot hoteptry. Then he followed up his radio visit with a sit-down on Roland Martin’s NewsOne Now and a chorus of naysayers. On NewsOne Now, I watched “Dr.” Umar not only move his standard for who he respects in the Struggle® based on who they marry because none of his idols met that standard, he also re-claimed to be related to Frederick Douglass, even though the family of Frederick Douglass wrote a statement and published it explicitly stating, “We don’t know that nigga”. He then said that he was a direct descendent of some dude named Ricky, who MIGHT have been Frederick Douglass’s cousin, or maybe they were brothers, but they rolled TIGHT, so he’s got some Douglass blood in him. It sounds like when the new kid in school is caught lying about knowing Beyoncé™. Just stop, “Dr.” Umar. Just be yourself.
So I’m watching these snippets of “Dr.” Umar’s interviews while also watching this whole Donald Trump, Jr. email/collusion thing. I’m sure Junior was trying to garner favor from dad. It must be difficult knowing he’s not the favorite child. He’s the Jan Brady of the Trump clan. Man, Junior is bad at lying, and even worse at telling the truth! How was he being open and transparent when he sat on that information for a year? Did he lie on his SF86? There’s a question on there that explicitly asks if you’ve had contact with ANY foreign national in the past 7 years. Even if you think it’s insignificant, you HAVE to put it down, because THEY WILL FIND OUT. When I filled out mine, I didn’t think anything about the small talk I had with a STORE CLERK at a grocer in Cyprus, and the investigator straight asked, “So you didn’t say a word to anyone in this store in Cyprus?” What the hell, man! I assumed I was being watched, but can you at least PRETEND I’m paranoid? Jeez…All that work that Junior did, and all he got from Daddy was a lame statement about him being a “high-quality person”. Come on! Steaks are “high quality”…except for Trump steaks. Why can’t he at least PRETEND that Junior is his blood? This is when it dawned on me: maybe Junior isn’t REALLY his son. Maybe there is someone else who Don, Sr. sees as his son.
What if “Dr.” Umar Johnson is the REAL son of Donald Trump?
I already posited that Donald Trump is Hotep Supreme, which would make him the king of both the alt-right AND the ankh-right. “Dr.” Umar proclaims himself the “Prince of Pan-Africanism”. In this case, he is misusing the word “Pan-Africanism”. What he means is “pseudo ‘African pride’ shit that he made up to take your money”, so ankh-right. If Umar is the Prince, and Don, Sr. is the King, and Don, Jr. is just “high-quality”, then maybe…Besides, “Dr.” Umar and Don, Sr. have a LOT in common behavior-wise:
“Dr.” Umar Johnson formed a charity and collected nearly a million dollars. The money is supposed to go to building a charter school to educate black boys. As of this writing, it’s been 2 years, and there are 0 schools. Ask him about it, and he has a bunch of excuses. He won’t even provide a record of what he’s done with the money. I wager there were a lot of beard grooming expenses. Say what you want about the man, but “Dr.” Umar knows how to keep a beard TIGHT.
Donny, Sr. has ripped people off of money with both his charities AND Trump University. The Trump Foundation funds have been used to buy paintings of Trump, and he’s promised money to children’s hospitals and not delivered. Even his fundraiser “for the troops” didn’t actually give any money to any veteran’s organization until an investigative reporter published that no money raised went anywhere. And have we seen any tax returns? He has plenty of excuses for NOT having them. So when it comes to ripping off people who want to do a good thing, “Dr.” Umar and Don, Sr. are thick as thieves.
“Dr.” Umar is ALWAYS putting down women, all while claiming he wants to hoist them up. Just the fact that he’s making a school only for boys is a clue. I would say there’s nothing wrong with that, but he also admonishes women for being independent in thought and body. He doesn’t think there is a need for a “good” woman to get a higher education than her man. He often accuses women of “causing” homosexuality or “softness” in their kids. And he has no problem denigrating and calling women out of their names who either disagree with him or just ask him a question. He called a woman “Miss Piggy” once because she was looking into some fraud allegations against him. He also didn’t invent the term “negro bed wench” to refer to black women who have had relationships with white men, but he definitely has used the term.
You know who else says “Miss Piggy”? Don, Sr.! He called a former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Miss Piggy, alluding that she needed to lose weight. #1: no one who looks like a giant rotting sack of over-candied yams has any business talking about ANYONE’S weight. #2: She’s MISS UNIVERSE. There is no way she would get that far had it not been for society’s idea of beauty, and her similarity to it…but she is really beautiful…He was likely mad that she is educated and brown, which is a resentment that he shares with “Dr.” Umar when it comes to women. Donny Sr. regularly takes to Twitter or gets behind a camera to express his disdain for women who are likely smarter than him, or more truthfully, women in general. Both of them are cool with spousal rape and sexual assault in general.
“Dr.” Umar is good at creating massive webs of lies. Whether it’s about his “teachings” or about his personal life, “Dr.” Umar has no qualms making shit up. There will be a thread of truth, just so that he can claim he’s right, but he makes up so. Much. Shit. When he was called out BY THE FAMILY OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, he moved the goalpost to say he was a descendent of one of Frederick Douglass’s cousins or some BS. Next week, it will be Frederick Douglass’s barber, who he affectionately called, “cousin”. And we still haven’t seen his doctorate. You can verify all of his degrees except that Ph.D. You can’t even find a dissertation, or a graduation ceremony, which is odd, because his “alma mater” records and archives all of this. We’ve already discussed the boys’ school and those donations. I’ll believe that when I see it. On the regular, he repeats the long trope that gay men are helping to “destroy” the black community, because that is fewer men to raise children. That ignores the fact that gay adoptions have been on the rise, because sometimes gay dudes want to raise kids, too! Just last week, he claimed that Chinese is an official language of South Africa, that Buddha translates to “black face”, that black men marry out of their races more than any other race, and that educated black women are a detriment to black men, because they “feminize” children, or they want to date men on their level, or they aren’t “feminine” enough. And Let’s not forget about the Ankh-Right Fight of 2016, where he tore up another Ankh-Right “leader” for an hour, and around minute 40, he picked up his phone and started talking, BUT THEN IT STARTED ACTUALY RINGING. If you’re going to lie, lie better. Challenge him on any of his claims, and he goes after you ad hominem. Expect name calling. Expect him to compare you to a woman, because he thinks that would be an insult. “Dr.” Umar doesn’t take kindly to your critical thinking and maintenance of receipts.
Donald, Sr. PROVIDES receipts and then denies them. His Twitter account is a treasure trove of contradictory statements. He spent how many months demanding Obama’s birth certificate? People think he was the creator of the birther drama, but he just picked it up, and then he ran with it for a year at least. He claimed he had investigators had compelling evidence that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake. He said he had sources and receipts. All of that is a damn lie. After he humiliated himself with the circus that he created, he went on to demand Obama’s school transcripts and acted as if he hadn’t created a shit storm. From November to now, he has been creating a shit storm fuckery, though. He blamed Hillary Clinton’s 3 million popular vote lead on “fraudulent votes” with no evidence. Now there’s a task force to investigate voter rolls. This is not necessary. He just needs to be thankful we’re still using plantation math to determine our presidential elections. Four years ago, he blamed the second Obama win on the very electoral college that gave him a win. Don, Sr. won’t acknowledge that. He insinuated that Comey might have recorded his conversation with him. This was another red herring. He regularly retweeted false stats and memes created by avid white supremacists. When asked about David Duke endorsing him, he stammered through saying he didn’t know who he was. THERE IS VIDEO EVIDENCE OF HIM YEARS AGO SAYING HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHO THE FUCK DAVID DUKE IS. He doesn’t even care that he’s a terrible liar, and that he generates the receipts for his contradictions and deceit. If he gets cornered, he’ll start talking trash about the interviewer, especially if it’s a woman, or he’ll go on a twitter rage about Clinton or Obama, neither of whom are in office in any form. This isn’t a new thing. Back in the 1980s he took out a whole page ad in numerous papers calling for the death penalty in light of the Central Park Five case. When all five people were exonerated because a completely different person admitted to the crime, he didn’t relent in his drag of innocent men. He claimed that he had “reliable” sources” that knew they were guilty. They had reliable DNA evidence that proved that none of them were. Donald, Sr. doesn’t care. The man is unhinged.
I could go on for hours about the many similarities between “Dr.” Umar and Donald, Sr. Their personalities and actions are so alike, I would not be surprised if “Dr.” Umar was Donald Trump’s REAL son. Maybe there was a hospital mix-up. Or maybe that was what Donald was talking about when he said he had a great relationship with “the Blacks”. Perhaps he grabbed one by the afro, and she had either low self-esteem or a fetish for spray-tanned screaming birch trees. Either way, I don’t think that “high-quality” Donald, Jr. is ever going to gain Donald, Sr.’s full love. Just give up Junior. He’s not going to love you like he does Ivanka. He’s never going to want to fuck you.

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