Thursday, June 2, 2016

10 Reasons why Donald Trump is #Hotep Supreme

It’s a presidential election year, and I know that hoteps are not voting. If they decide not to defecate on all of the hard work of the ancestors that they claim to embody, I know exactly who is going to get the hotep bloc. I figured out who the King Hotep is, and he is the only candidate for them.
Donald Trump is the HOTEP SUPREME.
I get why they tried to hide this from people. After all, he’s white…ish. People can’t find out that the Hotepiest, to whom I assume they pay tribute by pointing their angrections™ to Trump Tower (which will now be called Hotep Mecca), is YT! Perhaps Trump Tower is an inflated model of his own angrection™! This isn’t going to ruin hoteps’ credibility. They didn’t have any in the first place! Anyway, here’s how I figured out that Donald Trump is the Supreme Hotep:
  1. He says he adores women, and then immediately disrespects them.
Hoteps are fluent in misogynoir. Their slut-shame game is so LIT! You can tell a hotep because somewhere on his FB feed, there is a meme of Angela Davis on the left and Nicki Minaj on the right, emblazoned with some stupid shit like, “When did empowered women go from this…to this?” They talk broadly about the beauty of the black queen, how black women should be put on a throne of gold. They then immediately talk about how women need to support their man and submit to his will. Hoteps don’t actually see women as humans. Essentially, they just want to legally rape. They call them “wombmen” instead of women, A reference to their potential to carry children to term. By referring to a person by a body part, internal or external, you’re dehumanizing them and reducing them to that body part. How is that any better than a cat caller referring to a woman as “titties” or “dat ass” or by the article of clothing that she’s wearing or what she is drinking? Secondly, what about women who CANNOT have children? Some women are born without a uterus, or perhaps an illness has made them infertile, or maybe it’s a transwoman. Are these women less than women? Will they be allowed to be on the hotep pedestal prison? There is a video of Prince of Pop-locking hotep “Dr.” Umar Johnson accusing single mothers of “effeminizing” young boys and making them gay. Do you see the master hotepery!? He managed to attack both women AND gays, all within 45 seconds, and the interviewer was a woman, and she ATE IT UP! You see this all the time: Hoteps preach their anti-woman hate screed, and somehow convince female hoteps (woteps?) follow them into the sun.
Donald Trump hires lots of women for exec positions in his companies, sometimes on the spot. He will always remind you how much he adores women. He loves them so much, he married three times! I’m pretty sure he thinks that once a woman hits 45 she’s expired or something. Trump is also famous for saying terrible things to and about women. He calls them out of their names on a regular basis. In an interview on MTV long ago, he actually said he doesn’t respect women. He yelled at a woman for breastfeeding her baby. Trump suggested that there was something wrong with Carly Fiorina couldn’t lead the nation because there was something wrong with her face, because as we all know, ALL of our previous presidents and candidates were known for their chiseled good looks. If leadership ability were based on physical aesthetic, then the United States would have crumbled into the sea 200 years ago. Trump famously had a beef with Megyn Kelly that escalated so much so that Trump’s FANS jumped on the bandwagon, and Kelly had to close her Twitter account because of all of the death threats and general misogynivoire™! This was all because Megyn Kelly asked him a question that he did not like about his calling women pigs, whores, animals, etc. She did her job as a journalist, and he didn’t like it. He even suggested she was on her period and angry. Do you see what he did? He reduced her humanity to her uterus! Classic hotep move! Furthermore, this is the one time since she joined Fox News that Megyn Kelly actually did her job as a journalist and asked Trump actual questions for which he should be accountable. I almost had hope that Kelly would continue this integrity, and it looked like she was going to! Sadly, though, fast forward 6 months, and he’s doing an interview with Megyn Kelly. I’m sure that this is a career maintenance move; I doubt that Megyn Kelly WANTED to sit with Trump after all the drama, but she has to please her base audience. She asks no hardball questions. They are acting like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Mail, or You’ve Got Seattle, or whatever the hell that movie is called. Trump gets to roll out a few, “I wasn’t serious”, and, “LOL! JK”, comments, much like the usual defense of internet trolls. He comes up looking like roses, and Megyn Kelly is hanging on his words, laughing and giggling like the secondary romantic lead in a romcom. That is some brilliant hoteping.
  1. He supports men who have physically harmed women.
Hoteps love defending men who have done terrible things to women. They’ll give Ray Rice, Chris Brown, OJ Simpson, Cee-Lo Green, and Bill Cosby a pass, just because they’re black. Their rationale is that “they” are trying to destroy our black heroes. “They”, of course are The Man®. The Man® is every government agency who has done anything against the black community, and their agents are covert and everywhere. Therefore, any crime that a famous black person has committed is a conspiracy by The Man®. It couldn’t be that abusive rapist pieces of shit come in all colors. Even when Bill Cosby orated a deposition in which he ADMITTED to acquiring Quaaludes to drug women to sleep with them, hoteps claimed that it was The Man® who did it. Who is The Man® in this case? Bill Cosby’s larynx?
Donald Trump’s black abusive piece of shit is his campaign advisor Corey Lewandowski. He assaulted a reporter by the name of Michelle Fields. He grabbed her arm and left a bruise. It was all on video. You cannot refute it. So of course, Trump refuted it. He flame-warred and doxed the hell out of Ms. Fields. He claimed he didn’t see it. He claimed that she was the one doing the assaulting. And then when Lewandowski beat the assault charge on some technicality, he boasted some more and denigrated Michelle Fields even more. You know how people try to defend R. Kelly, even though there’s a VIDEO of him pissing on a teenager? This is the level of defense Trump had for Corey, and in his video, you could clearly see Lewandowski’s face.
  1. He has really messed up views about relationships.
One of the most dangerous things I hear from hoteps is how to “treat” a woman, especially in a relationship. In February the “Man Thoughts” Facebook page posted a non-grammatical screed whose opening sentence was, “HE LOVES SEX”. It went on to counsel a woman to have sex with her man whenever he wants, even if she doesn’t want to have sex. It also warned that she should only talk about that sex with her friends if she enjoyed it. If he orgasms too quickly, if his penis is smaller than others, If she is not satisfied, TOO BAD. He comes too quickly because she is “just too awesome to delay”. It also goes on to warn not to argue with him in public, because “that is a crime”, and don’t touch his phone, because “the stuff that goes on there is crazier than you can imagine!” So essentially, the hotep train of thought is that the man should have the libido, and even if he sucks at sex, you cannot leave. Also, if he cheats on you, you cannot leave. The hotep wants to “exalt” his “queen” to the status of psychologically abused sex slave.
  1. He is #WokeAF.
If one thing is true about hoteps, it’s that they #StayWoke. You cannot talk about how #WokeAF they are without using a “#”. That’s how you know. All that lack of sleep is probably why they say a lot of dumb shit. And all of that dumb shit fuels their “awakeness”. It is a never-ending cycle of insomnia and creating, reading, and disseminating absolutely inane drivel.
Donald Trump is on record bragging about only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep. In fact, he thinks people who get more sleep are losers. What keeps him so #woke? Is chronic mental masturbation of his own thoughts? Perhaps he has an uppers habit that he’s keeping under wraps. Regardless, there are serious detriments to health to #StayingWoke, including weakened immune system, high blood pressure, and even hallucinations. Anyone who has pulled an all-nighter that turned into an all-morninger for a college project knows all about the latter two. You get loopy! Loopy, like if you have an amphetamine habit that has bad side effects. This explains the twitter rants on which Trump embarks that make absolutely no fucking sense. Speaking of things that make no fucking sense…
  1. He proudly dons apparel that is made in China.
Hoteps will dress head to toe in Kinte Cloth. They will wear Kinte prints as formal wear, casual wear, sports garb, or just to show you how superior you are to them. They’ll sew ankhs and scarabs and Eyes of Horus to their Kinte Cloth kufis. There is only one problem: it’s KENTE CLOTH. Kinte Cloth is made in China. Kente cloth is an Ashanti traditional textile, and every pattern, color and combination has a specific meaning, much like the tartans of the Scottish. It may be for the better that hoteps wear so much Kinte cloth, because when they sew their Egyptian emblems on them, they look as ridiculous as people on Halloween who claim they’re wearing a Native American costume, but it’s a gentrified grab-bag of Plains war bonnets, Powhatan moccasins, and Chinook tunics.
Donald Trump has made some good money off of his “Make America Great Again” slogan. It’s emblazoned on t-shirts and, most famously, red baseball caps. He wears one every once in a while, when he’s having a bad hair day. I have seen some of the Trump tchotchke, and Wouldn’t you know it? It is usually made in China. I guess his plan for making America great again is to outsource more jobs. Seems legit.
  1. He will repost memes based in white supremacy.
Every week, it is guaranteed that your hotep friend will post at least one meme with the reason why something is messed up. Usually the villain is “They”. “They” manipulated food, and you’re all eating poison! “They” created Planned Parenthood and feminism to destroy black men. “They” normalized homosexuality to devastate the black family. They end with “Mission Accomplished”. “They” are all complete bullshit. All of the memes are based on the writings of people who likely never went to school at all (Because the white man will brainwash you!) but attached “Dr.” to the front of their names anyway or on old negative stereotypes that white supremacists have been saying about black and people for years. So essentially, hoteps spread the lies of institutionalized white supremacy without the white supremacists having to do anything. They are #StormFronting.
Donald Trump doesn’t have time for that third party, convoluted shit. He STAYS retweeting and reposting things directly from the white supremacist themselves! We should have known, given his disdain for the Central Park Five being released and requesting financial retribution for their false arrest and convictions. But in the last year, he has done it, again and again, picking the strange fruit straight from the sycamore tree. He’s better at spreading white lies than any hotep any day.
  1. He doesn’t admit when he’s wrong, or denies saying a wrong thing.
Call a hotep on his bullshit, and he will curl up into his ankh-emblazoned kufi like a hermit crab. Disprove his stupid meme about the “dangers” of single mothers and absent fathers with facts, and they will not respond, or move on to the next pile of bullshit. Worse comes to worse, he will attack you verbally, claiming you’re attacking him or stifling his ability to speak. Sound familiar?
Donald Trump has never apologized for anything and never admitted being wrong. On The Apprentice, he would fire people for admitting wrongdoing. He was loud and wrong about Obama’s birth certificate, and his defense was to then demand his Harvard transcripts. Now he just won’t talk about it. When he griped about the Central Park Five suing New York City, he said nothing when someone reminded him that they were falsely imprisoned. To build his famous wall, the plan is to tariff the hell out of Mexico in order coerce them to pay for it. So when he was questioned about essentially extorting the Mexican government into building a wall, he said nothing. And then he went on to spew some more bullshit. Anyone who asks him hard questions that disprove his statements, he claims that they are attacking him. His hotepery is on fleek.
  1. His #MasculinitySoFragile
Hoteps think every movement that is parallel to theirs is a threat to them. Ask one about the “homosexual agenda” or feminism. I guarantee he will blame them for the destruction of the black man. He’s say women and gay people are “effeminizing” black men and making them not want to be fathers. It’s all bullshit, of course. Jaden Smith is their version of Satan, because he wears dresses every once in a while. If you think that a woman wanting decent health care and pay or a teenager wearing a dress is destroying your community, then you might as well go out and fight windmills with your ankh, because you are useless.
I have not seen someone so self-conscious about his tiny baby hands as Donald Trump. This has been going on for nearly 30 years, but it reached its summit when he brought it up in a Republican debate, and assured everyone that his dick is huge. This was on national TV. At a debate. Who is so worried about what people think of his masculinity that he would bring it up during a forum for people to decide whether his tiny, tiny doll-like fingers will be the ones closest to the Red Button? That is serious fragile masculinity, and even more hotep than being scared of a teenager in a dress!
  1. He is a master scapegoater.
As said before, ask any hotep, and the reason the black community is in dire straits is because feminism and the “homosexual agenda” are destroying to movement and the community. This, of course, is utter bullshit. Even factoring in Margaret Sanger’s racist ass, feminism would never be able to beat racially biased penal codes and redlining in breaking up black families. Besides, women have been oppressed in one way or another, in a myriad of different societies, since the rise of human civilization. LGBT people have been oppressed for nearly as long, DEFINITELY since before they were called “LGBT”. There were other movements going on while the Civil Rights Movement was happening. All of them wanted equality and equity in society, and they intersected. There are black women, and black gay people, and black gay women people. Even known misogynist Huey Newton preached uniting with gay and feminist movements in order for everyone to progress. However, only the hotep sees these other groups as threats, so they blame them for any failings in their own movement. They claim that their causes are used to mute the hotep movement of black supremacy*, as if there is some gay and woman cabal that was deployed by The Man® to get black men to kiss each other and black women to leave their husbands and live off of government assistance. Because if I know anything about the way government assistance, it’s that if you’re a single black mother, you live the lap of luxury, if “lap of luxury” means working 2 jobs, trying to survive off of half the food budget of the average family’s, and eventually being homeless for two years while trying to hang onto the house where you lived for 3 years. Yes, feminism and the “homosexual agenda” are destroying the black community, not the systematic racism that has been ingrained and codified in various forms throughout your country’s 240-year history.
Donald Trump started his campaign blaming others for the problems of the United States. “Mexicans are rapists” is the foundation by which his “Make America Great Again” is set. He blames Mexicans and the Chinese for “stealing” jobs, he throws shade at ALL Muslims for terrorism in America, he claims that the “media” are why some people don’t like him. All the while, he outsources jobs to Mexico and China all the time, he does business with rich foreign Muslims, and he depends on the media to spread his message hair and hate. How hotep can you be??? You HIRE the people you convinced everyone is evil, you USE the messenger you convinced everyone is evil, and you STILL get to promote white supremacy with your words? Hotepmate™! You are the Lex Luthor of hoteps.
  1. He probably doesn’t want black people to vote.
Hoteps are against this government, and they REFUSE to bow down and pay honor to ANY white master who is not for their interests. This is the excuse they give for not voting. It is based in not knowing how the hell the government works, probably because they skipped high school civics class to repress their latent homosexual urges by being SUPER homophobic. They encourage other black people to not vote, because by voting, YOU are participating in the system that is trying to keep you down! It’s an interesting stance, because for years, white supremacists have cheated, tortured and murdered black people in order to keep them from voting. And yet, Black people still kept fighting for the right to vote. It is as if it is a fundamental thing to do in order to invoke change in society or something, and not participating is making your voice mute. Hoteps will sit out this election, even if it means shitting on the hard work of their recent ancestors, must to the joy of the white supremacists who would see them dead or in a zoo regardless.
Donald Trump does not care about black people. He treats them like he does women: He’ll hire a few to say that he has a good relationship with “the blacks”, but then he calls us “the blacks”. If you ever want to make a quick and easy racial epithet, just take an article and use it to specify an adjective, as if the adjective were a noun. He was endorsed by numerous racist organizations. Trump got an endorsement from David Duke, and he didn’t disavow it until three days later, and it was flippant. At first, he acted like he didn’t know who David Duke is, even though he definitely knew who David Duke was in the 90’s. The Imperial Grand WhateverTheFuck of the KKK endorsed Trump, and Trump said nothing. He’s sticking to his “Mexicans are rapists” line. He still wants to ban Muslims from the United States…except for the rich ones and London’s new mayor. Trump is so certain that he has this election in the bag thanks to racists and I’m-not-racist-but racists that her would probably run on a campaign of bringing back the Poll Tax and the Grandfather Clause if he thought it would mean more votes.
There you have it. Proof that Donald Trump is Hotep Supreme. I am not sure if the American people will care enough to get out the vote, but it looks pretty grim right now, and there’s a chance that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. We’ll be in for a bumpy four years. It seems a bit sad that we’re following our first black president with our first Hotep president.

*Black supremacy is not black empowerment or equality. Black supremacy is white supremacy, but with black people at the top. Hoteps want black supremacy, because they are jealous of white supremacy. They want to oppress minorities too!

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