Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Slogan Ever.

Obama proposed a new jobs plan, and a new tax reform that would affect the tax rates of citizens who earn $1 million annually. It will not pass, because House Speaker/Doc Savage lookalike John Boehner has already vowed to not to go with it. This is business as usual, and any self-respecting American, whether left or right, should be as angry and sick of this stagnant state as I am.

The argument against taxing the “job-makers” (that’s code for rich people) is that they have been burdened too much. The reason they move their businesses overseas is because the American tax code is too pressing, and in order for them to live, they MUST do so. If we lift all the tax codes, they will create more jobs for the unemployed and stimulate the economy with their spending.

The argument for taxing the rich is that they hold the largest share of the American economy (I’ve heard everything from 85% to 95%), yet they are the smallest percentage of the population. It is burdensome to the economic middle and lower class to pay the bulk of taxes to help run the government.

My argument is what it always was: F*** the rich! If they are US citizens, and they earned/stole their wealth here, then they need to pay their dues, like everyone else! Rich people will not create jobs if their tax “burden” is lifted. THEY WILL KEEP THEIR DAMN MONEY! That’s what rich people do! IF they stimulate the economy in any way, it will be in the cocaine and hookers industry. Instead of weekends doing lines off 5 hookers, it will be 15 hookers! A system where the rich people don’t pay out and the lower classes fund the riches’ wealth is a LOT similar to the feudal systems in Europe that early Americans were trying to escape. I am bolstered by my stance, because Warren Buffet, One of the RICHEST people in America (and possibly the world) got a lot of press for saying, “F*** the rich!”…though not in so many words. It takes a real man to look at a situation and say, “F*** me”, and say it proudly.

This whole dismantling of social programs is ridiculous, too. If we go to a state where everyone must basically fend for themselves and “pick themselves up by their bootstraps”, we will be a Wild West society, where crime will be the primary way for the poor to earn money, because that is all they will know. Incidentally, if you look at all the rich people today and look at their history and how they got their money, I can guarantee you that their heirloom riches were ill-gotten. They quote Ayn Rand in their defence of dismantling programs. The problem is if you have read anything by Ayn Rand and ANY superhero comic book, many of Rand’s ideas coincide directly with those of most of the supervillains of the heroic universes. If Lex Luthor and Norman Osborn don’t have your best interests at heart, what would make you think these Randatics (Ayniacs?) do?

I know that social programs work, because I was on nearly all of them growing up. I grew up on welfare, food stamps, and Section 8. I got Fed money to stay in university when I couldn’t afford it. I was f***ing homeless for my last year of high school and first two years of college! Were it not for government programs, I would either be dead from exposure to the elements or from instant lead poisoning! These politicians try to make it look like people on unemployment and living in subsidised housing are a bunch of freeloaders. Sure, there’s fraud, but the majority of my friends who were in as dire straits as me are now middle class, home-owning, 2.5 kids having, upstanding members of society. We pay taxes every year, and we appreciate what we have. We are not leeches, and “middle-finger-U” to anyone who describes us as such.

If I go back to the neighbourhoods where I lived, they’ll be in worse shape than I left them, but it’s not because the citizens there are freeloading hopeless cases. It’s because people believe the hype and vote for politicians who want to end the programs that were improving life. Here’s a little secret: those politicians don’t give a damn about you. They are whores for money, except at least with a whore, you at LEAST get something back when you support them…although you might also get the clap. So, basically, when you support these Ayniac politicians, you’re getting the clap WITHOUT the half-and-half.

I think what I’m trying to say is PLEASE vote! There are more people who are falling for these yarns that de-regulating and not taxing the rich will boost our slowly dying economy. Maybe budget cuts will band-aid the wound, but making people who earned their money in this country pay taxes on what they earned will help truly heal it.

Oh yes, and F*** the rich. It’s just fun to say. That is my campaign slogan for 2012.

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