Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Craigslist FitBit Ad

I sometimes wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I just made what was supposed to be a simple Craigslist ad for my old FitBit. Everyone else's: "Fitbit: Blue, Like new. All parts except the wrist band. $60 OBO." I, on the other hand...well...Just look:


FitBit Ultra - Blue & Almost New!

Are you trying to get fit, or do you just want to remind yourself of how much of a lazy slug you are? Purchase a FitBit Ultra! This super-pedometer does not only track your steps:

  • Tracks steps (Suggesed: 10,000/day)
  • How many flights of stairs climbed (Suggested: 10/day)
  • How many miles traveled (Suggested: 5/day)
  • Calories burned (Suggestion varies with weight/height/BMI)
  • “Activity flower” (Suggested: @-’,-’,-’,-’,-...just trust me)
  • Sleep tracker
  • Personalised passive-aggressive 2-words phrases that pop up if you’ve been still for longer than a few minutes to remind you of what a lazy imp you are.

Link Fitbit up with your computer (PC or MAC), and you can maintain a food diary online. You can also earn badges for certain fitness achievements, like walking/running an extra 5 miles in a day or climbing the height of the world’s tallest Lego sculpture. You can also optionally interact with a whole world of people who have Big Brothered their fitness goals with the FitBit! See their rankings and either let the Alpha in you drive to beat their achievements, or taunt them as you leave those lethargic crotch-pheasants in the dust! There is even a mobile app for iPhone and Android phones and tablets, so you’ll have no excuse to continually feel guilty for falling short of your workout goals! :-D

I have every part of the FitBit except the wrist band, which didn’t survive a recent move. You’ll get:
  • The Fitbit Ultra
  • A Fitbit holster, in case you want to keep it on your belt instead of a pocket
  • The USB wireless receiver/charger, which will update your FitBit’s information if it is plugged in and near your PC

Get well on your way to doing extra things like walking around to block to get to the copy machine that is 10 yards away, simply to rack up steps. Hurry and purchase this FitBit Ultra for $60 (OBO) while supplies last...because I only have one...

...Yeah. Way too much. That last ellipse was not necessary at all. This is why I'm single. That, and the entire Lego Architecture collection distributed throughout my house. If this thing sells, I'll be surprised...by the way, if you're looking for a FitBit and you live in Rochester, Give me $60, and it's all yours.

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