Thursday, November 3, 2016

How Dumb Your "SJW" Insult Is, As Explained in SWV Singles.

Dear Idiots,
When you get into an argument with me, and you call me an “SJW”, you are not insulting me.
The second you say SJW, my brain initially registers it as “SWV”, which is Sisters with Voices, which was one of my favorite R&B groups of the 1990s. I’m humming “Downtown” as I write this, so your attempt to make me Lose My Cool has failed before I’ve even started to parse what it actually means.
When This Feeling of nostalgia subsides, I STILL don’t get insulted.  SJW stands for “Social Justice Warrior”. Is that really bad? I’m sure you think that you’re making it Rain on my parade, but Can We just break down what your intent is, and how you actually keep my Soul Intact? You’re TRYING and failing to make my speaking up for blacks, Latinos, women, LGBTQ people, handicapped people, non-Christians, etc. fleetingly “trendy”, as if I’m sidling up to a group du jour and Co-Signing on their platforms, but then next week is a New Beginning, and I'll glom onto another cause and act like I was Right Here the whole time. Whatcha Need to know is that I’m black and Latino and non-Christian. That’s three of the groups for which I’m fighting. That means I have a PERSONAL VESTED INTEREST in ensuring the safety and fair treatment of THREE of these groups of human beings for which you think I’m not advocating just because it’s a Fine Time. And my support for the other groups of people is because I see that the unfairness I experience also happens in parallel to others. You think I’m Weak for wanting to help other people, But if you Use Your Heart, perhaps you’d be a little bit less myopic. I wish to help others, because I’m NOT AN ASSHOLE. You’re “accusing” me of caring about other people beside myself. Good job; you’ve deemed me a loser because I Love Unconditionally.
Even if my dedication were as fleeting as you’d like to depict, let’s look at SJWs throughout history. Every one of them was on the right side of history. Your implication is that Someone who takes up a cause for Anything related to social equality is an SJW. So Frederick Douglass was an SJW, and his name is on schools everywhere. Susan B. Anthony was an SJW, and she was one of FOUR women in the history of the US to bless the face of US currency. Martin Luther King CALLED himself a warrior for justice. Nobel Motherfucking Prize. Harriet Tubman fought in the Civil War and freed hundreds of slaves. She's about to to oust a slave-owning bigot from his place on the $20 bill. I could go on All Night Long. They’re Always On My Mind. They risked their lives to Release Some Tension in the world. Ain’t No Man (or woman) made a name for themselves by not giving a fuck…Except maybe Nero.
So you call me an “SJW” as if it were an insult. If You Only Knew how ridiculous you sound, perhaps you’d step up your insult game. You won’t, though, because deep down you are selfish, and It’s All About U. At worst, you want to turn the clock back to when you Think you’re Going to Like It, but what you neglect to realize is that the brunt of the work to make your life easier was on the backs of the groups who now think It’s About Time to Come and Get Some parity in the world, after years of inequality. You’re the One who looks foolish. And when we DO make strides, I hope that our work doesn’t Keep You Home. Come voice your grievances! That’s What I’m Here For. I need to collect your tears When U Cry. I won’t say That’s What I Need to keep me going, but it definitely helps me see how I’m doing, and what I’m doing is working.
…Human Nature Radio Remix.

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