Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Birth of a Nation’s Box Office Flop & the Need for Black Men to Take Responsibility For Their Actions Instead of Blaming Black Women for their Failures All the Goddamn Time

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You done messed up, hoteps! Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation flopped hard on its opening weekend. This is despite stellar promotion and critical reviews across the board. Perhaps it was an off week, or maybe Girl on the Train was just that on point that you couldn’t compete. Or maybe PEOPLE DIDN’T WANT TO SEE A FILM PRODUCED BY AN UNREPENTANT (alleged) SEXUAL PREDATOR. Fact is, it did not do that well, and most people would see these factors and think that any combination of these reasons makes sense. But you have outdone yourselves this time, hoteps. You ignored all of the possible reasons and decided that there was one insidious culprit responsible for The Birth’s abysmal first weekend: the black feminist.
On 9th October, a hotep named “Special Cloth” penned an article called “Birth of a Nation’s Box Office Flop and the Unrepentant Pettiness of the Black Feminist”. She directly placed the blame on black feminists and their “male minions”. Hoteps just HATE men who respect women. She placed the source of the immense shade that black feminists threw that destroyed The Birth on the fact that he has a white wife. She then accused black feminists of putting out a hit job on Nate Parker based on his homophobic statements regarding considering roles. Finally she summed up by saying that the “Black Girl Goodfellas” kept bringing up the rape allegation and subsequent acquittal, and THAT is why the movie tanked! Because black feminists be petty, yo!
The article is the online equivalent of a news article, mugshot and string-laden corkboard in the basement of a bitter, obsessed ex-cop in a gritty conspiracy crime drama. I imagine that Ms. Cloth was in the middle of the article and in a gravel voice yelled, “It’s not in my head! It’s you! And you! AND YOU! We’ll all go down if you don’t listen to me!” And then she flipped a table and stormed out of the room.
Something the article DOESN’T do is consider a few things. Perhaps, after years and years of people telling them to go with their conscious in making decisions on who they wish to support, they finally did, but it is not what hoteps expected. Perhaps the reason people didn’t want to see it because of Nate Parkers homophobic comments, AND his shameful shadow of an explanation for the sexual assault allegations years ago. Perhaps people were put off by the reports of him bullying the victim while in college, or that the one conviction in the case was overturned. Perhaps they were not impressed with his statements when he found out that the victim killed herself, and he made a statement expressing sorrow by saying how terrible HIS ordeal was, with no concern for the woman or her family. Perhaps black women are sick of falling in line and defending black men who HAVE done abusive things to women, all because the mostly white show business industry has told us that this new black man is the new positive black icon that we are supposed to worship. Perhaps, in the 21st Century, black women AND men are tired of being told that they have to like someone based solely on the fact that they’re black, and they are sick of excusing erstwhile egregious crimes committed. Bottom line, maybe black women don’t want to get Cosby’ed again.
Here’s a better title for the article: called “Birth of a Nation’s Box Office Flop and the Need for Black Men to Take Responsibility for Their Actions Instead of Blaming Black Women for their Failures All the Goddamn Time”.
I’ve said it again and again…and again: hoteps love perpetuating white supremacy, and blaming black women for every goddamn thing is a staple of white supremacy. From white supremacists’ mouths, black women are sex crazed jezebels who do nothing but pop out babies and live high on the hog on government provided dollars. From hotep mouths, black women are being “controlled” by The Man®, who use feminism to convince them to be women are sex crazed jezebels who do nothing but pop out babies and live high on the hog on government provided dollars, with no NEED for a man! Also, somehow, Planned Parenthood is tricking black women into getting abortions or some stupid shit. So they’re popping out babies, yet they’re always getting abortions. Another subset of Schroedinger’s Negro, I guess.
It is highly likely that people made decisions to not see it because of Nate Parker’s callousness in talking about the rape case, and more callousness in not showing any real remorse when finding out his accuser is dead. He was acquitted, fine. However, given the way he conducted himself immediately after and years after the incident, even if what he did was not a definition of rape, he could have at least admitted that he had an immense lack of judgment that night, or that he was sorry for the pain that the accuser had been suffering all that time to the point that she couldn’t take it. You can throw 1000 Gabrielle Unions into your press package to mitigate the scandal, if the main suspected perpetrator doesn’t look remorseful, there’s no point.
The real reason that The Birth flopped is that not enough seats were sold to make profit. The majority of this country is white, and the majority of moviegoers are white. White bodies did not occupy the seats. You see hoteps? This was your ONE opportunity to blame The Man® for something legitimate, instead of for homosexuality or birth control, and you blew it! The Man® didn’t see the movie, and you didn’t pounce! You were too busy hating black women to straight up blame white public for not going to see The Birth! You messed up! Now we know your secret. You didn’t blame The Man®, partially because The Man® helped fund the movie, and partially because hoteps are just white supremacists in blackface. Now the truth is out there, and nobody cares, just like your hotep Roots. Now go on and don’t vote so that you can blame more things on stuff over which you had some modicum of control.
…Too soon?

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