Friday, August 5, 2016

The Korryn Gaines Case Is an Irony Turducken

Before you even say anything, yes, I am aware that Korryn Gaines had a rifle in her hands at the time of her death. I am also aware that the police said that she threatened them with said weapon. I am also aware that the police were serving a warrant to her for an unpaid traffic violation. From these three details, one could say that the death of Korryn Gaines was well within the realm of a reasonable police action.
That is, until you consider some more details. Korryn Gaines was holding her son in her hands when she was killed. Her son was hit as well. The warrant for Korryn Gaines was a supplemental action that the police decided to execute on top of another warrant that they needed to serve for someone in the house. She had a history of mental illness. She had also complained about lead poisoning in her water supply. There are hypotheses she considered herself a sovereign citizen. Also, let me repeat this one more time. SHE WAS HOLDING HER SON IN HER ARMS WHEN SHE WAS KILLED. HER SON WAS HIT AS WELL.
Also, let’s talk about the legitimacy of Baltimore County Police Department’s version of the story for just a second. I grew up dealing with the Baltimore County and Baltimore City Police from high school to adulthood. It was not unusual for me to be stopped, to search my bags and pockets, to detain me on the way to or from school for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes I was given a reason, but most times the reason was, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll arrest you right now for [insert bogus charge here]”. The one time I was actually arrested, it was because I finally snapped. I watched one Baltimore County officer spray pepper spray into a crowded line outside a skating rink in order to disperse it. The main streamed happened to hit a young boy who was convulsing on the ground. Chaos ensued. A few fights broke out. My friend was slashed with a box cutter for no apparent reason. As I sat in the passenger seat of my friend’s car, as the police demanded everyone to go home, an officer nonchalantly said, “I don’t even know what’s going on”. I told her exactly what was happening, albeit audibly, a giant hand pulled me out of the car and slammed me onto a squad car. Not surprisingly, their version of what happened was nearly completely aberrant to what actually happened. I was 19 at the time. The regular stops didn’t stop until I was 22, when I started filling up my passport with stamps. For that reason, and all the times I was stopped and frisked before “stop and frisk” was a coined term, I have a hard time putting my full faith into what the Baltimore County Police say was the series of events that lead to Korryn Gaines’s death. Already, we’re learnign that the police requested Facebook to shut down her page, since she was videoing it live and attempting to stream it. I guess that banner that Facebook draped on their CA headquarters was regarding some OTHER black people. Perhaps they meant to write “Black Jack Matters”.
The only thing that we can say for sure is that a mother is dead, and it was essentially all over a traffic violation summons. If you cannot see the sorrow and absurdity of that, then you are likely a lizard person disguised as a human.
THe funny thing is that if Korryn Gaines WAS part of the “sovereign citizen” movement, then why aren’t any sovereign citizens coming out to defend her defense of her home? She was armed for protection, so where is the NRA? I haven’t heard a thing from any of them. I suppose perhaps guns rights and sovereign citizenship are universal values, as long as you’re invading a wildlife refuge. Also, you should probably be white.
"Can't trust the po-lice! Unless a chick's
involved..." -_-
The only thing more absurd is that if not for the Internet, this likely would not have made national news. Perhaps that a child was wounded helped, but the lack of attention when a woman is involved in a police (or any) killing is not uncommon. The irony is that a black women created the #BlackLivesMatter movement, yet how many hashtags have you seen for Rekia Boyd, Kimberlee ­Randle-King, Natasha McKenna, Alexia Christian, India Cummings, or more recently Natasha McKenna, Jessica Williams, or Bettie Jones? How can one say #BlackLivesMatter when one doesn’t #SayHerName? In an instance of extra Twilight Zone-like WTFery™, #hoteps whitesplained to me why Korryn Gaines’s case may be questionable. It’s astounding! The same back bending that people use to question the validity of rape accusations (See Cosby Conspiracies) is now being utilized to excuse this fatal police action! Hoteps are doing the work for the white supremacists they claim to abhor! actually, nothing has really changed.

So right now, we have a Twilight Zone inside of a Twilight Zone: Sovereign citizens have been silent on this case of someone possibly defending her sovereign citizen rights. Hoteps are using white- and mansplaining tactics to not acknowledge that black women are suffering just as much as black men, all while still pretending to champion a movement that was created by black women. It’s an irony turducken. I haven’t seen this much insane plot twisting since Inception. Bottom line, If you use the term #BlackLivesMatter but don’t #SayHerName, you are yet another lizard person. We’ll find you.

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