Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mail Server Issues: Alternate Ending!

Brian the Bald pointed out to Squire Bugiganga that the conclusion of the original "Mail Server" Issues simplified a much more idiotic exchange. So ye, like George Lucas before him, Squire Bugiganga presents to you the digitally remastered alternate ending of "Mail Server Issues"...worry not. Jar Jar Binks is not in this:

SHAQSDAD THE DESTROYER: You know what? The monkeys do deliver the mail, but they make a copy of the message before they send them, and keep the copy for themselves. Let's cage the monkeys and use the griffin's.
SQUIRE BUGIGANGA: So you see, we had griffins and didn't need to purchase the monkeys after all.
SHAQSDAD: No, not the free griffins. Use the other griffins that we purchased with the monkeys.
SHAQSDAD: (picks up his earpiece) Yes? No, son. No. I said NO. NO! Put your mother on the phone. I told him no. Why did you tell him yes? I shall flog you when I return. Yes. Yes I will. YES! Because I said I will, that's why. Look, now is not a good time. Because it isn't. BECAUSE IT ISN'T! Yes. NO! (then walks away with a dazed look in his eyes) Publish Post

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