Monday, June 22, 2009

The Pillar of Light

One fine sunny day, Squire Bugiganga went to his place of work and saw before him a large pillar of mirrors. This bewildered him.

SQUIRE BUGIGANGA: What is the purpose of this pillar?

INADEQUOUS THE COMPENSATOR: This is a pillar of mirrors! It captures light from the sun and turns it into energy for the Kindgdom and food for the scribes, flying monkeys, and the unicorns with Windows XP, SP 5*. I had the imps build the pillar to test its sun-catching abilities.

Squire Bugiganga sighed and shook his head. He knows of these enchanted mirror pillars. He knows how they work, and of their potential in giving light to the dark corridors of the Kingdom and food to the hungry monkeys, scribes, and unicorns with Windows XP, SP5*. He looked up and asked what he thought was a pertinent question.

SB: If you wish to test the sun-catching power of the pillar of mirrors, why did you not build the pillar OUTSIDE? How can it catch the rays of the sun in this windowless house of ware?

IC: Your question angers me, Squire! My manhood may be small, but my authority is grand! Go do something inconsequential.

Three weeks later, the pillar of mirrors was dismantled at the order of Inadequous. He complained that the pillar did not work properly and caught no rays of sun.

Squire Bugiganga kept seeing "cigarette burns" and then a flash of who he thought was Tyler Durdin urging him to start an underground combat arena to vent his frustrations at the idiocy and was committed to an insane asylum.

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